Please help/support our lois

Lois is back in the hospital, with MRSA infection in one foot and the other is infected as well. She is awaiting a second opinion on the possibility of amputation.

To say the least, she is scared and very much alone. Her heart and mind are in turmoil, as I hope you can imagine.

I am asking for support from all of you…If you have a few minutes out of your day to give her a call, it would be treasured by her. She loves TU and ALL the members and friends so very much.

Her phone number is (414)385-4708 direct number to her room.

I will let her give out the address if cards/flowers want to be sent.

More balloons and prayers on the way. Thank you Robyn for keeping us updated!

Teresa, Thank you and “yes please” on the prayers.

prayers are continuing to go up!

Many hopeful thoughts and prayers for your surgery and Good recovery Lois.

Thank you Jaimie and Terrie,
I will try and call Lois today and read her the comments from everybody.

I sent a card 2 days ago...but apparently it'll take 10 days to get to its destination (coming from Ontario Canada)!!! Sure hope it reaches Lois before that! In the meanwhile, I thought I would send this! Luv.....linda.

Thanks Linda,
I will read it to Lois. She will be touched.

Monday morning Lois has surgery. I will call her tomorrow sometime and post an update. Thank you everyone for the calls, cards and balloons etc.



Spoke with Lois this morning. She was getting alot of medications, and was very much in pain with her hip and feet. She is having the surgery this morning.
I told her I would not bother her today with a call. I will call her tomorrow morning and at that time give an update.
Hope that some prayers will be said today for our sweet Lois.

Thank you everyone!
xx Robyn

It may get there sooner Linda. I have sent post to Florida (I live in Quebec) - and it got there in 4 days!!!

Man…I hope so! Sheesh…10 days! Might as well send it via carrier pigeon lol

Thanks for the update Robyn! You are awesome =] Prayers are being said everyday for her here. I hope everything goes well

I hope so too.


Just spoke with the nurse, and she said Lois was sleeping and that her surgery went fine. She would not give me any details.

I will call Lois tomorrow and get an update.
Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes.

Thank you for the update Robyn…let us all continue praying fervently!!


i just left her a prayer, may God be with her

i sent her a balloon, support is always great in times of need, its good medicine for the soul

sent her a card and a letter included yesterday