Reset of the Dexcom G5 Transmitter

There are 100’s of posting on restarting or reseting the Dexcom G5 Transmitter and I have reviewed many of them, but I have several questions.

  1. Is there still any way to do this reset using X-Drip Plus for Android. If not will Spike work for I-phone. If yes can someone point me to the source?
  2. If the answer to number one is yes, do I need to do the reset of the transmitter before or after its artificial battery life ends. In other word, do I need to do the reset while the transmitter is still working.

Also, is there still any way to restart the G6 sensor, or has Dexcom shut this cheat down.


xdrip on android works great now (used to fail in the past.)
It also works on the first generation or two of the G6, but all the current ones it will not work.
And for restarting the G5, it will work before or after the coded life is up.
Btw, I don’t know if they are changing any firmware on the G5 like they are on the G6. This just comes from my experience with what I had.

Thanks Hammer. I have one follow-up question at the time. I do need to have a working sensor inserted and the working or not working transmitter placed in the sensor, right? One other thing. Can you point me to the Transmitter reset source you used to do your successful reset?

My interest in this reset is because I will be moving to the G6 system real soon and my main goal is to get some additional G5 usage time to get a few months of time build up before I start using the new G6 Transmitter. I don’t know about your supplier of your Dexcom supplies but my supplier is hardcore.

Again, Thanks for your help.

You can easily extend your G6 sensors. Restart requires you to remove the transmitter for 15-30 minutes.
Just run them for 14 days at a time, and you will start building up a reserve.

xdrip info
Bit of info on this page.
But the section that covers the hard reset and engineering mode.
Btw, on the G5, I have reset transmitters long after they were DEAD and I replaced the batteries. BUT, if you have the choice, do them before the planned end of life.

  • So far life cannot be extended for transmitters whos serial no. starts with 8G or 8H.
  • To prevent difficulties starting sensors it is highly recommended to extend transmitter life before day 100 of first usage.
  • Running sensor session will be stopped when extending transmitter life. So, extend before sensor change or be aware that there will be a new 2 h warm-up phase.
  • Stop sensor manually via hamburger menu.
  • Switch to the engineering mode :
    • tap on the character on the right of the xDrip+ start screen that represents a syringe
    • then tap on the microphone icon in the lower right corner
    • In the text box that opens type “enable engineering mode”
    • click “Done”
    • If Google Speak engine is enabled, you can also speak the voice command: “enable engineering mode”.
  • Go to the G5 debug settings and make sure Use the OB1 collector is enabled.
  • Use the voice command: “hard reset transmitter”
  • The voice command will be executed with the next data receipt of the transmitter
  • Look at the system status (Hamburger menu -> system status) and see what happens
  • If you see a message “Phone Service State: Hard Reset maybe failed” on second system status screen just start the sensor and this message should go away.

I read instructions on resetting even new dexcom sensors. It requires a Mac and understanding to write some code.
I haven’t attempted it.
I wonder if anyone else has. Tried it.
I looked for the instructions but haven’t found it.
I read them once though

Reset normally refers to transmitters, where the day count on transmitter is set back to 1. But only with older 80 and some 81 G6 transmitters. I have used android xDrip to do it. If I replace batteries on these 8x early transmitters, then would do reset to use them.

Sensors are restarted, by tricking transmitter into thinking new sensor was inserted.

G5 sensors via transmitter, (and orig G6) could be read by xDrip or Spike getting raw data, so bypassed dexcom algorithm that limited by day count.
Now with newer G6 transmitters, xDrip can only read “native” data.

Right. I understand that.
How ever there is a way to create a transmitter clock reset if you know how to code it.
I wanted to know if someone has tried it.
It’s Mac only as far as I know.
From what I read you can reset even the new transmitters

That’s interesting if true, but I haven’t heard about it.

Here is the article I read.
I know a guy in Canada who says he uses it still
But can’t seem to be able to share the ap he as created.
He told me I have to work from scratch.
However I’m not sure I want to invest that much time into something that won’t work with the transmitters from the USA.
My newest one starts with an m.
And I know products are slightly different in different countries.
I was hoping to find someone who can bang it out quickly and see if it works. Transmitter reset x code