Reset my dexcom timer

I want to reset the timer on my dexcom transmitters. I found some stuff when I googled I have an iPhone. I tried to get the software but I couldn’t figure out how to get it.
Why is everything so difficult. I also have an old android I could fire up if I need. Does anyone know the best way that does not require me to know computer coding or hacking into stuff

I did it in Spring 2019 using Spike on my iPhone. A piece of cake doing the reset, but did take some time getting it installed. Check out for the details. Saved my butt when Dexcom was having so many issues with the initial customer service transfer to Manila. They couldn’t get me a transmitter until well past my current transmitter’s end date. I would have been SOL for a month without Spike.

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This could be done on android with xDrip, but may not work with latest g6 transmitters. Basically it tries to update days used on transmitter, and might get another few weeks until battery dies.

What is your first 2 transmitter id?

The Spike ap isn’t completely clear cut yet from what I understand, I have used it before but because of some changes Apple made it isn’t as easy. But it does depend if you have a paid Apple account.

I don’t even have my dex yet but I see trouble in the future. I should have it this week. And my new tandem too. My insurance only pays for 4 transmitters a year. That scares me that I have zero wiggle room, if the shipment is late it will shut off. I know lots of people who have reset The g5 and got another month or 2 out of them. I had the original dexcom 3 day sensor, and that one lasted an entire year. There is zero reason they can’t make the batteries changeable. I also hate throwing away so much into trash. Right now I have the early minilink and enlite sensors. They are ok but not as good as dex. But the transmitter has lasted 6 years. It only lasts 5 days on a charge now, but 6 years is a long time for one transmitter to last. I’m sure the new guardian is more limited now as well cause that’s how they do it now a days.

You actually do have wiggle room. The t:slim X2 doesn’t kill the transmitter at 90 days like the Dexcom software does. I got 109 days out of my last one. I didn’t try and see if I could go any longer because i knew it was going to die soon and didn’t want to go through another 2-hour warmup right away.

That’s awesome information. I was under the impression there was a clock built into the transmitter. This makes me worry less about it.

The Dexcom software (app and receiver) does kill the transmitters at 90 days, though. I would highly recommend using a 3rd party app on your phone. I’m Android, so don’t know exactly what is available for iPhone. Spike and SugarMate, I think.

So if I just don’t use my phone. Then it is a non issue correct? If I hav it on my pump I hardly see the point of having it on my phone anyway.

Not true. But you have to have active sensor on day 90, and it will continue reading as long as battery is still strong enough. Day 88 may be last day to start sensor, but need to confirm.

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Okay fair enough, but Tandem still gives you longer.

I was worried about my last transmitter, because I was afraid I might not be able to make the extended drive I need to restock Dexcom supplies during the pandemic. I was polling the Xdrip Facebook page for input and got mixed responses. Some of them said that you have until day 100 to start a transmitter on the X2, and some say they were able to do one more session beyond that. I restarted my sensor on day 99 to be safe, and changed transmitter on day 109. I don’t know if I could have started one more session until the battery fully died or not.

Spike doesn’t work directly with the newest sensors either - since 8G

Yep, exactly. However, I definitely appreciate the number on my phone, too, since I look at my phone a whole lot more often than my pump.

On Android, Xdrip let’s you setup an always-on reading in the notification bar, so my data point is always hovering at the top of the screen with zero effort on my part to go looking for it.

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Sessions cannot be automatically restarted nor can the transmitter reset if the transmitter ID begins with 8G, 8H, or 8J. Lots of luck finding a 80xxxx transmitter and replacing the battery to get that lost functionality back.

You can reset the timer on G6 transmitters beginning with 80xxxxx. For the 81 series, you can reset for 81 followed by numbers and 81axxx and 81bxxx. If you have an 81cxxx or later, these cannot be reset.