Restart G6 Sensor?


Thanks… just what I have been looking for. So relieved to read this.


My iPhone Dexcom App deactivates the “stop sensor” feature in Settings after I “forget this device” in my Bluetooth settings - thus preventing a sensor restart. Not having my receiver with me to try that option, I actually used a “2nd” iPhone and just paired it with the existing transmitter (currently on Day 10, set to expire in 6 hours). After pairing, BG readings started straight away. I then went to Bluetooth setting on the 2nd iPhone and selected “forget this device” - then went back to the Dexcom app on 2nd iPhone and “stop sensor” option was available. I selected it, then started a new sensor (selecting “No Code”) and it started a 2 hr warm up. I am in that warm up period now and will report results. About 5 minutes into the warmup the Dexcom app on 2nd iPhone showed “Transmitter Not Found” error where the warm up countdown had been, and my Bluetooth sent me a pop-up Window requesting a pairing with the transmitter. I clicked “cancel” instead of “pair”. I’m planning to wait until 2 hrs and 10 minutes after initial sensor start and then plan to start at Step 7 of the instructions by restarting the phone and attempting to re-pair with the transmitter. I could wait another 90 minutes or so and post just once with the whole story, but this way you can experience some of the anticipation…


Update: it worked! But it took the 2nd iPhone almost an hour after I restarted it to ask to re-pair. Which is funny because it asked every 10 minutes during the warm-up, so I think the restarting of the phone was unnecessary. Once calibrated and reporting BG, I then went back to the original iPhone and re-paired … no warm up necessary.


Tried another G6 restart method that worked. This time I waited for the current 10 day session to expire before trying to restart, because I knew I did not have time for the full two hour warm-up before expiration. For this one, you obviously lose continuous reporting of numbers during the restart. But that’s OK because we are on the last sensor and the next shipment is in the mail.

  1. Let your sensor expire.
  2. Start a new sensor session and choose “no code”. You do not need to remove the transmitter.
  3. Let the warm-up session start and run for about 15 minutes. I set a timer on my phone.
  4. After 15 minutes, STOP sensor. It may warn that you cannot start a stopped sensor, but this is not true.
  5. Start another new sensor and choose “without code”. (You will need to calibrate with this option, but the sensor will still restart.)
  6. The sensor will warm-up for two hours and start giving readings after

That’s it. It worked. I understand that if you have a code, You can enter it only for step 5 and it will still work, I just didn’t have my code so I used the no code option. Happy resetting.

Terrible Customer Service from Dexcom Sales

@Aaron2 I restarted my expired G6 sensor! Thanks Aaron2, It worked great!! I had my code for my sensor still so I put in the code on step 5 and it didn’t ask for calibration. It’s within 5 points of accuracy.


I’m debating whether to upgrade to G6 from G5. Does anyone know whether there is a bootleg app to use G6 with non-approved Android phones? I’ve been successfully using the G5 with a Motorola G5+ (though the app is not available from Dexcom for this phone - was made available by a hacker), but I want to be certain that I can keep my phone as my receiver before upgrading to G6.