Diabetic retinopathy..... need advice and info

Hello Everyone~
I went to my doc due to a blind spot in my right eye… she referred me to a specialist (forget his specialty) He diagnosed moderate to severe retinopathy… he is referring me to his associate must be an eye surgeon he is recommending laser surgery… He is not expecting much success but says it is my only chance to keep the sight in that eye… I have limited contact with and knowledge of eye surgery and what I have heard hasnt been very positive… I would like to hear from people who have had the surgery and their experiences and any info anyone might have on this… I am scared I have had so many complications from the diabetes in the last couple of years I feel like it is taking me piece by piece. sorry to be such a downer I just feel like I am losing the battle. Anyhow any info and experience will be much appreciated.
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Hi Barbara:

I’m sorry that you were dxd. with Retinopathy. I don’t blame you for feeling down. With today’s technology, I hope that they will be able to give you more hope and treatment than that. Along with others forthcoming comments here is the Group for eye complications. As you can see many have been dxd. with Retinopathy along with myself.


Hi Barbara,

Like those of us living with D we learn as we go. I had laser treatments more then 20 years ago and it perserved my sight. The unknown is always scary, what I didn’t know at that time was how to control my D. Since having those treatments many years ago I finally received the information on tighter control of my bs. Having tighter control is what will help with the laser to prevent blindness. Yes D can can eat at you a piece at a time but having the upperhand is what can prevent lots of complications.

I ahve some retinopathy and so far there isn’t a real need for treatment I am ahving trouble with good sugar control in both downward and upward realms and I recently blacked out due to low sugar and I injured my face and I was out for 3.5 hours pretty serious I feel somewhat the same way that the diabetes is taking me piece by piece but I am trying to hold on because I have a lot of successes over the years and I do not have a really serious complication presently let me know how you are doing k? see you

Hey all ~

Thank you for your responses… Diabetes in the last 3 years has taking so much from, I know this is going to be a bit of a downer post (sorry for that) … The neuropathy in my feet has led to charcot foot… gastroparesis… neuropathy of my legs hands … eye surgeon says that surgery isnt an option that it has advanced too far and I am I have had an eye exam every six months for 4 years now and they didnt catch it… they told me the string like floaters i was seeing wasn’t an issue specialist said that should have told them things were going bad… I dont know i trusted him (bad idea) I feel weak tired and depressed feel like I am fighting a losing battle and not sure i have much fight in me then to top it off I founf out thursday at age 41 I guess young but average I have to have a total hysterectomy… feeling beaten down… just dont know how to react or what to do.

Thanks for letting me whine
Take care all

Barbara has any of your doctors told you that some of your problems can be reversed by having tighter control on your blood sugars. I’ve had Neuropathy for many years and before I was exposed to a better Diabetes education I had numbness in my feet. In the latter 1990s my education began after 40 years in the dark. I’ve since learned how to manage my D and regain feeling in my feet and some other complications no longer give me problems. It is possible to reverse some of the damage.