Review of the new Accu-Chek FastClix lancing device

I posted a review of the Accu-Chek FastClix lancing device on my blog last night. ![|291x194](upload://jZQyl1F5v5ogdflamiI5ZLukAC4.jpeg)
In this picture, the existing MultiClix is on top and the FastClix, in black, is underneath.

Overall I like everything except the color. Come on Accu-Chek, can't you be a leader and let us have more exciting colors than the Model-T Black?

1. priming the spring by pressing the end
2. releasing with a button

1. releasing by pressing the end

But now the release is done with the end of the device. In my imagination this seems not right to me. There is a direct connection between my action and the pain. Just pressing a button on the MultiClix seems much more indirect than forcing the end down to release the lancet. I imagine it as if the end is directly connected to the lancet. As if I am forcing the lancet in with my thumb. Psychologically this does not sound healthy to me.

I forgot to say thanks for the review of this new device.

just wondering if it uses the same drums as the Multiclix (my favorite lancing device)

I use this with the accucheck compact meter, it’s my favorite thus far. I have also used a freedom freestyle lite, but I actually really like the fact that the lancing device attaches to the meter. It’s made my life a lot easier, and I love how you put the drums in them and it spits out the test strip and can hold around 16 strips or so. It’s nice to finally be happy with a better meter, I’ve been testing a lot more than before which is obviously why my A1C is 5. Rock on diabetes brothers and sisters

A bit belated, but in answer to the "do they use the same drums?", they do not. The FastClix has a new, slightly smaller drum.

Disappointed about the new drum not being the same size as the Multi-clix. I discovered this after I bought the Aviva monitor - for the sole purpose of getting the lancet device. (lancet device alone = $25, but you can get monitor + lancet for $20, plus a $15 rebate) Did not know about the new release and doesn't sound as user-friendly as the Multiclix. My 3 year old daughter was diagnosed with T1D last February and within 2 months was already checking her own blood sugar, thanks to the Multi-clix. Doesn't sound like releasing from the top would be as easy for her. Why go fix something that ain't broke Accuchek??