Fastclix Lancing Device

I’m not sure how many of you out there are using this device with the lancets all in one simple drum but I highly reccomend this as opposed to those tiny little lancets that stab you or get lost after you’ve used them. I really think everyone should start using these and we can all finally get rid of those nasty little prickers!!


I like having to reload and jab away. After 10 times I change the needle.

I love my Fasclix. But I liked Multiclix better


Ditto !

I still have several multiclix, and plenty of drums. Too bad they stopped making them.

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I’m still using the Multiclix, too. I have many drums left as I don’t change lancet points very often. I have a Fasclix, too, but I prefer the two-step set and release mechanism rather than the fasclix single motion.

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Oh man, I love my fastclix. Got three of them and a ton of the drums. They are my favorite Lancet device of all the many that I have tried over the years.

I still use Multiclix. I have enough drums for years to come. I just hope the device holds up.

If only we could get the mail order suppliers to stock them!

they aren’t very expensive to buy outright at your local pharmacy. or do you mean the drums?

The fastclix device and drums should be available from suppliers, and definitely on Amazon.

The multiclix is discontinued, but may be some devices or drums on places like eBay.

There is also a smaller Softclix, but uses single lancets instead of drums. But I like it for my small meter and pouch when I want to go out with minimal baggage.

I try to get my supplies through mail order because my Insurance and Medicare will cover them. Otherwise, I have to purchase locally and pay the cost. The Medicare approved suppliers have to bid for their eligibility so, of course, they are not going to offer any of the top supplies.

Do you turn to a new Lancet in the drum for each blood test ?
I don’t and know many others who do same, so 1 drum can last a very long time. So I don’t bother getting lancets through my insurance, which limits my choice. I have used amazon and found reasonable prices for fastclix which is my backup if my multiclix breaks.

I never used to but, things seem to be changing fast in the insurance/med supplies category, so I’ll avoid the whole mess by trying to save my resources.