RIP Barbara @jrtpup: share your memories of Barbara

I love that. :)



That day in Philly was the first time I met her, too, but I never really talked with her until this past year at AADE. She was always very kind and quick with a joke. We all lost a friend today.

She got the Duck Fiabetes shirt after seeing the picture of me and Manny at AADE when I was wearing mine. She asked me where I'd gotten it, because she wanted one so bad. I'm glad she got it, and wore it and got photographed wearing it with Manny. I was just playing Words with Friends on the phone with her, wondering why she hadn't made a move in a couple of days -- we were evenly matched -- I won some and she won some. But she never mentioned that she was in hospice or that she was suffering in any way. I will miss her friendliness and her willingness to be there.

You might have left our planet, but not our hearts…
Having met you only a little more than 6 months ago, we couldn't spend a whole lot of time together, and yet it feels like I've known you forever…
we were just talking in chat about you, and I remembered the time when you banned dan's beloved c*******s… Remember how dan and I changed our avatars to protest? it was hilarious, and you never admitted that it was you who did it ;)
stories like this one will be truly missed, but we know that you are watching all over us, heaven has won an amazing angel!
With all my love
Angela <3

She kicked my butt BIG TIME at Words With Friends!!! Like words that I didn't even know existed. :)

When she was in hospice, she was no longer responsive. :(

I'm speechless. While I never had the opportunity to meet her in person, I will miss her presence online.

Very sad about this loss. Barbara had such a smile on her face when I saw her in Philly with Manny, David, DiabetesDad and others. She understood the DOC and how impactful the support in this community is. You will be missed honey, smile always!

I am so awfully sad.

Rest in Peace Barbara

I always read and took note of Barbara's answers to questions people asked. She was never judgmental and her replies were full of good sense. She will be missed both by her family and by the Tud world.

Pupster - I am deeply trusting that you are in a better place.
Your memory will always be blessed!!!

What was Barbara to me.

I joined TuD about 5 years ago while researching the pod pump, but started in the chat room a little under 2 years ago. After a week or so, without having looked at the admin team, I realized "This pup lady is something special!" Boy, that's the understatement of the year.

After several weeks I had gotten to know her. She is arguably one of the most important people I have met, for me at least. One of the few people who "got" my coffee fanaticism :)

Barb had a unique ability to separate her emotions from facts, and portray that in a very kind, yet direct way. I remember several diabetes "emergencies" (well, some of them WERE emergencies!) and she was so strong for people. She never condescended people, but rather embraced them. She had a special soft spot for the underprivileged, the hurting, the weak, and the defeated. She helped me through many personal struggles, and just hearing her voice on the phone calmed me down. She brought peace to everyone she touched.

However, she had a WICKED sense of humor, and a wit that BIT! ;) But, as per the Barbara way, never did it in a backstabbing kind of way.


This is very difficult for me. Its amazing how someone Ive known for such a short period of time can touch me the way she did. I, for one, will carry her spirit and her legacy on by thinking twice before speaking, try to not turn a blind eye to the hurting, and embrace everyone I meet with compassion and understanding.

It's what Barb would do, afterall.

Well said, Dan. I'll just tack on one small note that your comments triggered. It wasn't that long ago that Barbara joined the admin team, and I remember thinking, "How come this didn't happen sooner?" If anyone ever was made for that job, it was her.

I didn't know her such a long time as most of you.
But in my point of view, she was a very positive person, who cheered me up when I was feeling bad. I try to think about it as possible, as I remember her. (Please don't misunderstand - I'm not a native speaker...)
I try not to be sad that she has gone - I try to be glad that she has been here.

I understand you, Jorg. I am not a native speaker either. ;)

I agree with you: we should be glad that she was here, and that we had a chance to meet her for however long we did.

Take care,

She seems like she was a wonderful person, I just wish that I had been around to get to know her. Praying for her family and friends.