Roche Guide meter Strip Error Part II

OK< so I have a huge batch of strips from the My Sugr bundle. I love the people at My Sugr and this is not their fault however, the meter is showing an error code (not the E3 but another one) that means the strips are bad. And Roche will only send two vials to replace something that I have 12 boxes of. And, they are out of boxes of 50 and will be replacing two boxes with tens??? So, I just want to let you all know what I found out and if you find yourself in this situation then I think maybe you need to chime in with me and get some help. I don’t want 600 strips of a bad lot number sitting here and I don’t want to have to try each vial and report all the errors. And for the record, the first strips I used in the bundle starter box were fine. I saved the boxes, and the lot number is different.

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Silly question perhaps but have you ruled out the possibility of a meter issue by using strips from this lot in a similar but different meter?

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Have you contacted My Sugr to let them know your predicament? They might be able to help you. You shouldn’t have to use strips that consistently produce errors.

Has to be a Guide meter. I did grab a spare on a free offer, but this guy made me look at the internal code and that indicates a strip error situation.

Check the expiration date on the strips vs the date set on your meter.

Also check and see if the strips are coded for US vs out-of-US. On many previous generations of meters they used to be cross-compatible but often they no longer are.

All of the above is an attempt at reducing grey-market strips but often these cross-checks can surprise legit users too.

Yes. I love those guys and this sure is not their fault!

I hope you’ll continue to update. My daughter & I have used MySugr for a while now & love it. Her strip copay has gone way up this year so I’ve been considering switching her to the MySugr bundle. I’ve been waiting to see feedback from other users. I hope it turns out well for you.

I got in on the Black Friday deal so I got a month free. The support has been excellent, I have Gary Scheiner as a ‘coach’ and the second order was huge. I’m happy with them and saving on strips big time. Just the strips error worrying me…


We decided to try the Mysugr bundle too, and have been having issues with the meter battery; it lasts only 2 weeks!

And the worst part is that both times it dies on us in the middle of the night :unamused:

Anyone else having this issue?

Hmmm, I received my kit early December and I changed battery last week. It said low battery but I used it for a long time after I got that message. In fact I only changed it because I thought the E3 error was a battery error. Did you try using it past the low battery warning???

Vial number three of the lot number, now giving error message. :frowning:

Just responding here as another data point. I’ve been using the Guide meter with mySugr for only about a month and I’ve not had any strip error notifications. I test about 7 times a day. My first batteries (came pre-installed) just died so I really won’t know for another month or so how long freshly installed batteries last. The bundle service is working as advertised and I’ll receive my first automatic shipment of additional strips today. Sorry to hear you are having trouble, Laura.

I have no clue what really to think. Roche cannot replace my strips because they only have boxes of ten, no fifties at all. So they are sending me 100 in tens and replacing my other part of my order with Aviva. I cant figure out why the production of 50 strips is for some reason held up, but I have word in to try to get answers…Roche rep said he had an official email about there being no more boxes of fifties and they do not make 100’s. So, does My Sugr know this yet???

I may have missed this - I know it was suggested by others - but did you try a different meter? I know the code indicates a strip problem, but just to rule it out, did you try a different meter.

Sorry if I missed it.

No, because the initial 250 strips in the first bundle shipment sailed through. the meter works just fine, they do think the second box shipment may have gotten too cold. It’s intermittent so the strips are not failing in succession but random. It’s just this is the third box now in the same lot number. I have them all working on this right now…

The first it gave the low battery message, the second time it didn’t.

Oh wow. Not good!

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Roche helped. I;m getting replacement strips now and then some. Staying with My Sugr bundle but still need to try my Libre system sample to see about heading that way.
High praises to the My Sugr crew. All of them have gone above and beyond.


I also jumped in on the Black Friday deal to get a free month. I found my battery issues were actually a defective meter. I got a different meter using a freebie rebate and the new meter worked fine.

A thought on the strips. I don’t know where you live but is it possible the strips were left outside in freezing temperatures during the delivery process? Strips are very temp sensative so when I have a delivery coming I divert the delivery to a local Fed Ex Pickup location to eliminate the package sitting outside my door in freezing temps.

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I have canceled the program (I still like them!) because I don’t like the Guide, I don’t need the coaching and I don’t use phone apps. They do think the box was damaged in weather, probably along the shipping route. I was able to get a huge supply of replacement strips and they were very good at both My Sugr and Roche about helping me out.