Why ROLE MODELS are important

Being a ‘ROLE MODEL’ is a way to sensible attitude that makes an impression on the the people we work and socialize with,and that will carry over into theses people’s relationships with other diabetics. It’s inthisway that we can raise public awareness about diabetes in general. It is that some of these people, or some of their children, will develop diabetes in the future. How fortunate it will be for them to have had a model of a HAPPY DIABETIC. DIABETES FORCAST, JULY-AUGUST 1978. AMIGO clarence.haynes@sympatico.ca

I have Diabetic Role Models:
Manny Hernandez
Kerri Sparling
Gina Capone
Kelly Close
Amy Tenderich
Bernard Ferrell

These people show me that they have raised their voices and are living lives with Diabetes and are LIVING LIFE.

Clarence, you are a great role model. I love hearing the stories of people who have been diagnosed for a long time and are still healthy. And you are doing great work up there in Toronto. I wish I were closer so I could meet you in person!

I’m with Misty. I’ve only been on this website for a short time, but already you strike me as being one of the most positive role models I’ve ever come across, Clarence. :slight_smile:

I tell all my young patients about you,as a role model,and better as advocate for diabetes

Hello! That would have to be my brother. He has been there since day one. Teaching me the ropes. And there were some knots along the way. I am now insulin pumping. Next is sensors then I will have completed the circle of HOPE!!! like a SAILORS BRACELET. Maybe I should buy one to wear for DIABETIES DAY!:slight_smile: TAKE CARE diabeticidol94