Royal Pains

Anyone see Royal Pains last night? There was an interesting segment with a client with Diabetes. This guy was not managing his blood sugar well and also was a difficult person, and Hank was trying to problem solve how to help him. He came up to him while he was eating and asked him if he had pre-bolused. It was pretty funny because he was Russian speaking and the translator just looked at Hank and said "pre-bolus??" (I understand, I tried to translate I:C ratio into Spanish once!).Another incident had him in DKA and they gave him some insulin - no talk of hospitalization. Later he said, "I think I have a solution, I'm going to place a pod on you that will continuously deliver insulin. But you still have to set it right." Ok, I'm not familiar with omni-pods which is what I assume it was, but he just smacked it on his chest (?) and then said, "you'll feel a pinch as the needle goes in". Wouldn't he have felt it when he smacked it on? And though he did warn him it took work, that's probably the shortest pre-pump conversation in medical history! The last segment he brought him a D dog and then "tested the dog" by giving him what I assume was a soda (though it looked a bit like a beer) and sure enough the dog started barking like crazy - a bit quick but hell it's tv. The part with the dog tickled me. They told him the dog was just a "floor model" and they'd get him one to work with, but this tough talking Russian criminal type would not let go of the dog and said, "I'll take this one" in his tough talking Russian criminal type voice.

Haha, I've watched this show since it came out and there have been several implausible diabetes episodes. Sigh. At least there was an episode where Wilmer Valderama was a diabetic art enthusiast. He's fun to look at :)

Wouldn't it be nice if an actual diabetic played a diabetic on TV/in the movies for once? :-P

lol!. That's pretty funny.

In regards to your question about the pod, insertion happens *after* you stick it on, so at least they got the sequence of steps right. You fill the pod, prime it, stick it on, and then it auto-inserts the cannula on a command from the PDM. It happens very fast and feels like someone snatching a rubber band on your skin. It's one of the things I like about the pod. I cannot stand the manual insertion of the Dexcom sensor.... I do it too slow and it hurts. Fortunately, it's only every 2 weeks.

Wow, they got a pretty specific detail right then! With poetic license for tv I actually think it wasn't half bad - first time I've ever heard a term like pre-bolus on tv or saw a diabetes dog!

Actually, Body of Proof (ABC) added diabetes as a storyline last season. The actress who plays the daughter on the show has type 1 in real life, and they decided to write it into the show. So far they've been doing things pretty well. Am looking forward to the new season.

Pre bolus and pointing out rich foods and liquor as a cause instead of vaguely indicating that he ate something sweet. AND pointing out erectile dysfunction. Poor Russian diplomat.

what do you mean Judith? You had a comment removed?

I think it would be marvelous to make a glossy hard foldover with some major translations for words we use. I have had some real life episodes in Millenium Park where I needed some words.

I don't watch that show but caught one episode and the daughter's diabetes was written prominently into the script. I believe I started a thread about it because it was the first time I heard talk of a pump on tv (after that fabulous exchange between Crystal Bowersox and Harry Connick Jr. that is!). Let me find the thread.

Here you go!