Pump references on a TV show!

I heard my first reference to a pump on a tv show last night. It was on the show Body of Proof. The doctor was talking to her young teen daughter on the phone to tell her she wouldn't be home on time (due to a plague released by terrorists..lol). She asked her if she could show her aunt how to "fill her insulin pump". Most of us wouldn't put it that way, but would say "fill her cartridge" or "change her set", but it made sense to say it that way on tv. She then asked if she had everything she needed in her backback, and "you have cartridges?" Cool! It's the first time I watched this show (I wasn't real impressed with it) so I don't know if they gave more background or if this was the first reference. It was pretty casual and not intrinsic to the plot which to me is great!

I have a theory that something has to grow to a certain level of popularity (Is that what they call a meme?) before appearing in a tv drama. Unless of course, the writer of that show has a pump or a kid with a pump!

One of my co-workers watches that show faithfully. She knows that I just started a pump and she was so excited to tell me about this episode. Wish I had seen it! Awareness is a good thing.

So it sounds like, from your friend who has been watching the show, this was the first reference? It was very brief, and very casual. I mentioned that it wasn't a part of the plot because I'm old enough to remember other firsts, like the first show about a black person or about a gay person. After those initial breakthroughs it seems like it was years before you saw a black person or gay character whose race or sexual identity wasn't a big part of the plot - that is they were just a character who happened to be black or gay. Maybe the pace at which tv integrates new things, is, like anything else, speeding up. (Sorry, I'm a pop sociologist at heart!

Yes, it is definitely a good thing. Especially for Type 1 children who may feel weird or different, anything that can normalize it for them is great!

The daughter's diagnosis was shown on last weeks episode. At the end of the episode the actress said something, I didn't catch all of it, about being diabetic. Not sure if she meant that she is in real life, or just portraying a diabetic on TV. Last weeks episode was pretty dramatic with the daughter. If you haven't watched it, I suggest finding someplace to watch it online, a neighbor that used a DVR to record it, whatever.

I'll look for the repeat or check online, thanks Al. Hopefully the actress said something like "If you think you might be diabetic, see your doctor or call this number"

Found this on the actresses facebook page, Mary Matilyn Mouser is her name by the way:

Lacey and I have quite a few things in common. One being, we are both Type 1 Diabetic. Tonight's episode was very personal for me. I wanted to tell you all because I hope to raise awareness about Type 1 Diabetes. You can live a completely happy life, I am proof. NOTHING can stop you from living your dreams! Type 1 is serious, but it's manageable :) thanks to today's medicine and technology, I live a life as happy as ever. Though this is all true, we are still searching for a cure. For other people in the world, like Lacey, JDRF is helping to find a cure! My JDRF Walk team is "Mary's Hope". You can join JDRF and start a team too! You can change the lives of those like Lacey living with type 1 diabetes! Get involved in your local JDRF WALK to Cure Diabetes. Check out www.walk.jdrf.org . Thank you all for your support!

Cool! I actually just looked at the show website. In the list of episodes, they don't show one for last week (3/20)! The previous one they show is 3/13 and the synopsis doesn't mention the girl with diabetes. It's a story about two kids who got in an accident and they misidentified which one died.Is that the one? I don't want to spend an hour watching the wrong episode

That was the episode, I believe. It was a part of the episode right toward the end. Nothing was said about it in the previews, or anything, but was definitely powerful when it was presented, particularly to us with diabetes.

Great, thanks. I'll watch it and fast forward (if you can do that) towards the end.

I just watched the episode and they got everything right! Amazing! They even differentiated between type 1 and type 2 (very briefly) and said "forget everything you thought you knew about diabetes, it's a completely manageable condition." Pretty cool.

Now how they got from her being in the hospital in DKA in one episode to being on a pump (and sounding pretty confident about it) in the next one....maybe that's why there was no episode for one week..lol