Samsung Phone with Omnipod New Horizon?

Hey everyone, been a member for awhile but haven’t visited in a year or so. I’ve taken Omnipod’s survey on New Horizon, and I am lucky to have really great insurance, and a pump upgrade is due. So I am as ready as can be to jump on board when it releases in 2021 or whenever.

My question is does anyone know or have any guesses what Samsung phone (s) will be used? I am in need of a phone and want to make sure whatever i upgrade to will be used. My hope would be if they work with samsung then all of their devices would work as it would be more of a software thing, but I didn’t know if they made any announcement on it.

@Benjamin_McLaughlin, avoid Samsung unless you have need for apps not available on the Apple platform. In my reading, the Apple environment has the lion’s share of the health care app customer base.

Let us know what you learn, it is how we all learn.

I’m pretty sure Horizon is only going to work on Android, and Samsung is the only phone they have mentioned, but have been very general about it. I’m not a Samsung fan, but I’ve had Android phones since 2007.

Looks like they have been targeting a Galaxy. Its gonna run on the Knox security platform, which I think runs on anything.

We could call tech support and ask. 800-591-3455

Tech support says they will call me back.

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Is there any new word on them allowing a real working phone to control the pods instead of one of their locked-down and non-working phones?

The links about it are a few years old, but it was a bit disingenuous when they said you could control the pump with a smartphone.

I mean, come on Insulet. If a phone can’t be used to make phone calls, it’s not a very smart phone.

To me it does not matter if it is Samsung, iPhone, Android, or whatever. If it can’t make a phone call, it isn’t a phone. It’s just a fancy pump remote.

Let me know if you’ve heard that they are changing it to use an actual phone. That would be nice.


It is stated that the Samsung phone that would control it could not be used as a phone? I was under the assumption that “locked down” by knox meant that it wouldn’t let you side load apps or root the phone, but that it still was a fully functional phone. That’s a major deal if not.

I do not know what they are doing about the future release.

But on the current Dash release the phone does NOT work as a phone!

Why not just do Loop with OmniPod on a real phone? There are people here that can help you get that setup.

If you do that, get a prescription for the older OmniPods, not the new ones!

You would need an iPhone, a Mac to build it on, download all the software (which is free), an Apple Developer license (easy to get, $99), and a RileyLink (about $140). And the older pods, not the new ones.

That is all you need to setup Loop. Plus a few hours and some patience and some reading.

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Agree. I use Loop on the Eros OmniPods on an iPhone SE 2020. Loop does not support the Dash phone though, so you’ll need to ensure you stay with the older pod technology. I will not be upgrading to Dash for sure! Loop is very stable and after some initial effort in configuration and setup, you would have a better Horizon, IMHO!

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Everything I have read and heard from Beta testers of the Horizon Platform corresponds with @mohe0001 's comments. Knox security based Samsungs only at launch with Apples to follow.

I know Loop probably works well, but I don’t own any apple products, so the buy in and change in ecosystem would just be too high of an entry bar for me. I’m hoping that all Samsung phones that run Knox would work like others are saying.

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@Benjamin_McLaughlin I understand. I also was an Android user but I was able to get an old iPhone SE for free to use so the expense was not so high for me. I’ve since bought a new iPhone SE 2020 as I have no intension of switching back to the OmniPod PDM! I still use my Android for phone though.

Also, AAPS-Omnipod provides Omnipod communication and it based on the Loop Omnipod plugin but it runs on Android. AAPS-Omnipod is integrated with AndroidAPS so you run it on an Android phone. I use AndroidAPS on my Android just for viewing data and it is well supported. You may want to look into it while waiting for Horizon to be released.

I can’t imagine it allows you to root the phone. That seems kinda pointless if your gonna run a secure class III medical device. Knoxs is used all the time, so you can prob install apps, but I wouldn’t. (again) It kinda defeats the purpose of building a secure phone.

What kinda apps are you guys installing anyway? Someone asked me what apps I had installed on my phone in a job interview last week. I answered honestly, which was a mistake. I said I simply had never needed an app for anything.

I made a call to ask someone who is running knox on a samsung galaxy.