Pairing DexCom with Samsung Galaxy 8+

Has anyone tried pairing DexCom with Samsung Galaxy 8+? I was able to use it for a few days, but now it “unpairs”. so I have to reconnect it to Bluetooth, I get a reading, and the next time I go to check it, it us unpaired again.

Are you using the official Dexcom App? Have you tried using xDrip+ ? That certainly works (I have it working well on a Galaxy S6 running Android 7.0). Many users consider xDrip to be more accurate than the official app, and it allows you to bypass the kill-switch so you can run your transmitter past 3 months (until the batteries actually die)

I am using the official Dexcom app. Just looked some of the info online about xDrip+. Is it difficult to set up? (I’m not real tech-savvy!)
Just upgraded to Samsung 8+ because it was supposed to work, but ??

Actually Dexcom has not done a great job on the android apps. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7, but the app doesn’t work. It turns out there are many variants and the app hasn’t been tested on all variants and may or may not work. In fact it may or may not even show up as compatible with your so called “compatible” phone. I’m surprised that the FDA even approved them for those models without requiring them to do further testing.

Met a Dexcom rep recently who was quite thrilled when I showed them that I’m using the xDrip+ app… Was nice confirmation for me that it is a good thing :smile:

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It is not that difficult really and you don’t need to be a geek. You will need to set up a NIghtscout account and site for the data, but again like xDrip the instructions are clear. I am 99.9% sure that xDrip works well with the S8.

If you want to go down this route, your first action should be to join the xDrip+G5 Facebook group. This is really essential as the users will always (and rapidly) help out if you hit any problems. There will already be people in the group that are using G5 with the S8 and can send you screenshots of their settings. If you look at the Systems Setup tab, there’s even a line that says “Buggy Samsung - applying workaround” so the app is designed to deal with the variations in BT connectivity between different Android phones.

With the S6 I had to faff around a bit to optimize the settings but that is just a matter of checking boxes in the app until you get the best connectivity. Compared to G4, G5 will always have some lost readings, but you should be able to achieve a 95% capture rate.