Sandwiches Angel and Love

My Angel has not been very wellfor 4 wekks nasty cough which keeps her up at night,on top of that she looks after me it is getting to a stage where I can do less and less for myself,waht a state for a man to be in,no offence intended to women or anyone else,but although I do not haver much going for me I was bought up to act like a man not cry when things go wrong and be a sterotypical male, what ever that is supposed to be,now the spell checker has stopped working you will have to forgive me for my spelling mistakes,my wife got up at 5am I came downstairs with her and she started to prepare sandwiches for her works party,these included cheddar cheese and ploughmans lunch can you still call it that,egg mayonnaise on brown bread,chicken bacon and sweetcorn on white bread and prawn mayonnaise on bread all the bread is from the no crusts varielty, she cut them into triangles and the sandwiches looked very tasty,she finished of the silver trays not really silver,with crinke cut lettuce,trying for the life of me to remember waht it is it iceberg now that sounds nice cool cold like an iceberge floataing in the sea,I sat and watched her she looked like a picture of an Angel blessed some people have that look, when I look in the mirror all I see is a crumbling wreck not the young vibrant man i use to see 63 years will do that to you.

I waved as she drove off to work thinking about all those lost hours when she is at work and I do not see her,love can do that to you,smudge wondered outside at 5am stayed out for 10 minutes then came bounding in running like hte road runner upstairs meowing her head off,funny creatures cats, so the sandwiches looked nice enoug hto eat,my Angel looked Angelic and me and smudge will wait until she returns tonight have to go time for Victoza bye all twiddlemthumbs