Santiago With Lows and Now, 1.5 hours after b-fast, with 144


You are close in thoughts and prayers… I can imagine this uncertainty is unbearable.

Is there a possibility that it could be MODY (if fasting BG is okay and after meal is high)?

Hope the meeting at Stanford goes okay!

We have good news.

Andreina brought Santiago to the doctor yesterday afternoon and she tested him for glucose in his urine: none!

We are very happy with this news. It still doesn’t explain completely why he’d have the “low” episodes (or we should start seeing this numbers as more normal), but we’re VERY thankful.

Thanks to all of you who posted here and wrote to us privately with your supportive thoughts and prayers. BIG HUG to you all!

Manny, when I was diagnosed, my parents both had their blood sugars checked. My mother’s blood sugar was 71 mg/dl. Like everyone has said, I don’t think 70s are necessarily low for people without diabetes because it’s more of a constant thing. And as for the 67 or whatever the number was, that could have been a bad reading for the meter (it’s awfully close to the 70s!). Besides, a low fasting number makes sense since he would not have had any food in him at all. Maybe he is hypoglycemic? Not everything blood sugar is diabetes… lots of people have hypoglycemia and just need to eat regularly, though I don’t think you have to worry about that in such a small kid.

Yep. That is what we are beginning to think. Plus he may be having lower sugars too resulting from the fact that most of our meals have less carbs than the typical meals a kid would have. I guess we have to keep an eye on that too.

That is great news. Thanks for letting us know.

I remember testing my non diabetic brother’s blood sugar about 15 years ago it was 56(15 years later he has never developed diabetes or hypoglycemia). 56 would be low to us type ones but to a normal person I guess it was normal if you calculate the 20% level of innacurracy of glucometers. Normal people are able to have lower blood sugars without feeling “low” because they are used to lower numbers while diabetics feel low around 75 because they are used to running higher numbers. I remember hearing that diabetics who are normally really high can develop symptoms of going low when their sugars are normal 100, on the other hand if you run low numbers you can develop hypoglycemic unawareness lol. Did you make sure to wash his hands before you tested as it doesn’t take much sugar on the fingers to compromise the result of a test. Hopefully it is just a one off. Will keep Santiago in my prayers.

hugs Manny & Andreina

I don’t think it would work that way with the carbs, Manny - in fact it’s carbs that create the wild swings. If he’s eating lower carb he would typically have more stable BGs, diabetic or not. However, you did say his breakfast was a high sugar cereal with OJ… that’s the kind of meal that would offer a spike, and then a low if he’s hypoglycemic too.

I’ve tested people in my family and freaked myself out many times. My sister, her boyfriend, and my stepfather regularly test a bit too high - somewhere around 8. My mother is almost always a bit low, just under 4, but she feels fine and doesn’t need to do anything about it.

I think that the numbers we’re told are ‘normal’ are really averages. Even without D people will swing in and out of range sometimes.

I would still suggest making sure Santi’s meals are balanced so his pancreas doesn’t have too much to deal with. Even for a non-D this is the better way to go.

Let us know how things are going… your young lad is like a part of our families too!

I don’t understand the numbers (we use different units), but I can regularly wake up with blood sugars in the “hypo” range. I’m not the one with D - my 4 year old is. My GP isn’r concerned about my low morning sugars, so I’ll guess that you’re son’s morning lows are probably OK too.

I know this is an old thread, but I saw this and thought you, Manny, and others might be interested.…chart=4&id=322

It is a study documenting normal bg using continuous glucose monitoring. It makes me feel better about those weird blood sugar readings that pop up.

Manny, I concur with others who’ve said they don’t consider 75 low. Personally I’m pretty happy when I wake up 70-80.

My brother regularly has low blood sugars - in the 80s or lower - and feels fine. He just runs low. My son-in-law is Native American, so we test him every couple of months. So far, so good! Sending good energy your way. Don’t forget to breathe :wink:

OMG, I just saw how old this thread is LOL. Manny, where are you now 3 years later?