I was diagnosed when I was 8 yrs old, which was 24 yrs ago. My daughter who is 7 is starting to show signs of Diabetes but her Dr. says that I am overanalysing things, and that I am causeing my girls to worry over something that is not there. My 7 yr old was watching me do my bs test and asked me if I would do hers. Her bs was 139 and she had just finished a bowl of cherios. Is that a a normal number for a non-diabetic?

If she had literally just finished the cereal, then the carbs hadn't been absorbed yet, so 139 would be high. I would test her a few more times, at different times like fasting, before meals and two hours after, maybe make a game of it. Then if you still have questionable results I would go to the doctor and tell him to test her. "overanalysing" is kind of a rude thing to say imho. She's your kid, so you are worried. If you find out there is no cause for concern, then it's great.

Thank you.

Highly agree with Zoe. I have several relatives who are diabetics (Both type 1 and 2's). It is not a surprise when my aunts check my young cousins for their bg's. We were told (though I think this varies depending on the source and medical professional), bg before breakfast/fasting for children may be from 70-110mg/dl. Then about 70-130 mg/dl, 2 to 4 hours after meals. So the 139 just after eating may be high. Watch out also for classic symptoms of increase thirst, urination, hunger and weight lost. If you are unsure, have your child tested...I dont think you're over analyzing it ...your just being a mother. I wish you the best.

I don't think you're over analyzing either. Doctors often wave off concerns not taking symptoms seriously. You're being an observant, good mother who knows what to look for. Children's BG is typically lower than an adult's, so 139 is kind of high, especially coupled with other symptoms.

Hoping your little one is fine.

Remember that home meters are not accurate! 139 is well within the range of numbers my nondiabetic brothers have tested at on my meter.
If the symptoms you are worrying about include frequent urination, I suggest urine test strips because if diabetes is causing a person to need to pee, then there will be sugar in the urine, and those are fairly cheap, over the counter, and don't hurt.

Also, because you have T1 she qualifies for entry into Trial Net, They will screen her every 6 months for free and you will know where you stand as well as early intervention and possible admittance into other studies for newly diagnosed to maintain the honeymoon as long as possible, etc....if it goes down that road..... Good Luck and listen to yourself/intuition :)