Saying NO to Sugars

Please share how you handle staying away from sugars? (If you don’t mind!)

My self, am weak in front of it! :( This picture was taking this weekend at my parents house, where we had a family gathering. I tried to be clever and said "Let me cut each one into 4 pieces, so that each one will have the chance of trying all the flavors" How ever I ended up eating more than one and messing my BG!! :o/

I wished if that box said “0 GRAMS OF SUGARS!”

Whats your technique or ways!?

I dont stay away from sugar =[ I usually give in to temptation. But I make sure I dont eat too much, otherwise I know I will be dealing with the consequences later

I have no willpower with Dunkin Donuts so I try to avoid them at get togethers. I bet if they ever made a sugar free version it would taste yucky, hahaha! Seriously, they discontinued the only donut they make that didn’t make my sugars go through the roof, it was the plain cruller.

Here is my technique-I just ask myself honestly if I really, really want the sugary treat. Am I willing to deal with a high BG and then possibly a low from correcting the high? Usually the answer is no, I don’t really want that sugary treat that bad. Now in the next week or so my internship site is throwing me a going away party and they asked me if they should buy a sugar free cake rather than a regular one from the bakery. I told them DO NOT buy the sugar free cake, I promise I will have a small piece of the regular cake. Even though I know I will enjoy the cake and I will end up high from it, sometimes you gotta splurge :slight_smile: So I pick and choose my battles so I don’t feel like I am doing without all the time. This has been the biggest help for me.

So you have a control over how much you eat, that is good for you. My self, I will be, let me try this and that and that, then I will start guessing how much I eat. I did do my homework by visiting there site to know the carbs, but I lost the count!

You remind me of my Birthday, my co-workers bought me popcorn and chips with diet soda, NO cake! :frowning:

lmao! You’re not supposed to lose count! That doesnt work so well lol.

I just can’t eat these. I’d be high for hours and there’s a chance I’d screw up my eyesight.

I’m quoting somebody from another forum I visit: “you can’t outrun a donut!”

I try not to deprive myself…and a lot depends on if I think whatever sweet treat is worth the insulin…If I feel it’s not worth Xunits of insulin then I can refuse. I always associate insulin with money so I treat it as such…the same way I might want to buy something I don’t really need. I determine first if it’s worth it and more often than not I can walk away but sometimes it’s just too much fun to be impulsive. Most of the time I have no problems counting and covering the carbs.

how do you say no to sugars or doughnuts? Do what Garfield does!

get this: had a cornhole & coffee party after work, with doughnuts! I went for a look, because it was all free and for fun, i went past the sugary juices and found myself even passing the delicious doughnuts! TILL I SAW the LEMON filled DOUGHNUTS, i caved went back and line and goe seconds… lemon is the best!

I have this same problem when I go to my parents house. They always have the best tasting food, but nothing is healthy or diabetic friendly. I don’t see them much so i consider it a treat for myself (and it makes my mom happy to eat her food). But the rest of the time I don’t allow myself to buy anything bad so I won’t be tempted to eat it later. I also think of what it will do to my weight since i’m always in that losing battle. Maybe instead of cuttin them into 4’s, you could just take a small sample of other people’s doughnuts. Since it’s your family i’m sure they won’t mind.

from the DD website:
1 glazed donut = 31 carbs
1 plain bagel = 71 carbs

The highs also affect my eyesight and I am slowly learning that its just not worth it. The only time that I did give in, the doughnut did not taste good at all and then I still had to deal with the consequences. So not worth it.

Since being diagnosed I can no longer eat for pleasure. Food doesnt taste as good as it once did. Instead I have to take a practical, utilitarian attitude toward eating. I eat to keep up my energy and to stave off the queasy feeling you get from being hungry. Its a weird place to be in. The only thing that I crave is mochas and I can usually cover those with extra insulin. I dont even crave chocolate. Strange, strange days.

Bullseye, Mama food, that is the reason. :o)
Next time I will steal one and run!!! hehehe

I love GARFIELD and his principles in life! lol

I just eat them and dose accordingly.

Yes, bagels I cannot stay away from = 1 whole wheat bagel for breakfast and I am good the rest of the day, with salads, cheese, veggies…donuts I can take it or leave it because a plain donut has less carbs than a bagel, I think when you have D for many, many years you begine to loose the cravings for “BAD” high carb stuff. I usually treat my lows with a small piece of candy or something…white bread…
Maybe taste buds deteriorate with time…

You eat 4 or 6 may be 10 donuts and dose for that!!! C’mon

I have common sense and self control.

I won’t eat 4 or 6 but if I want to eat something, I will eat it and dose for it.

self control is the key. Even if you didn’t have D, it’s a bad idea to be eating donuts anyway