Scanned a new libre sensor before the old one up


And the old one is rendered useless - no matter the time left

It will not allow anything but a start of the new sensor - even if you turn the reader off

Thanks Abbott


It is rather inconvenient. I do believe that it is necessary since the reader is tracking the sensors life. It would be nice if a reader could track two senors at the same time but I guess Abbott didn’t see the need.

I have been using the new IPhone app on my phone as a second reader. with two readers you would be able to do this with each tracking a different sensor.


It is not necessary - the sensor was scanned not started

It was close to the one I wanted to scan

AGAIN, why would a mere scan of an unstarted sensor render the other one useless

the reader will do nothing but want to start the sensor

I have android so I lose - these idiots are still holding back on the android version


I knew that a libre reader will track only one sensor. Knowing this, I purchased a second reader to work with another sensor. I insert the next sensor and read it with the “second reader”. Doing this will bridge the gap of the 60 minutes wait time for the sensor to start sending the readings. I also insert the new sensor 1 - 2 hours before I start using it to acclimatize the sensing element. So, by the time the first sensor dies, the second sensor is already giving readings. No lost readings.
I live in Canada. The Libre reader costs $49, tax free.