Hello my name is Cree Ann Tracy. I turned 20 a few months ago and have been diabetic since I was in 6 th grade. I use to have perfect sugars and then because of stress related things I lost control. My last a1c was a 9.5 and I’m the only one in my family that is diabetic. I have recently found out I was pregnant and I’m scared to death. It was unplanned and I have had high sugars for a few years now. I was 12 weeks when they found out I was pregnant and since them I have gotten better control of my sugars but I’m scared it was all to late. I never hear good things about being diabetic and having a baby. Part of me is excited but most of me is terrified. I have read things and all I keep finding is things about the baby having problems or having a miscarriage . I guess I just want to hear that there is a chance I will have a healthy normal baby. I’m scared I won’t be able to live with myself if I have a baby and it has to sufferer because of me. I guess I just want to know its possible the have a healthy baby and have some one say it will be ok.

Oh sweetie----There are lots and lots of healthy TuD babies being born. I’m going to find the links for you to our groups for Moms-to-be who have diabetes. Now you be calm and stay positive…Judith in Portland—I’m going to sign out from my ambassador role and when I check in again, it will be from my personal role…Blessings…

I have a friend who is T1 and for most of her pregnancy, she had quite a struggle to control her sugars. She gave birth to a 12 pound baby, and am happy to say, her daughter is healthy (and she turns one in a couple of weeks)! I’m not saying that I agree with how she handled her diabetes care while she was pregnant (and believe me I was scared for her, since I was vicariously living through her), however, you are right with your concerns.

I am not trying to alarm you – as I, too, am researching about diabetes and pregnancy (my husband and I do not have children yet), and there are alot of overwhelming and scary facts about miscarriages and birth defects due to uncontrolled diabetes…
However, I do need to tip my hat off to you because you are now trying to do everything possible to control your sugars for a healthy baby. There is a TuD group, that Judith, has mentioned and I’ve been following most of their threads – every single person in the group will give you words of encouragement and advice on to what to expect.

Anyway, that only leaves me one more thing to say to you,

Congratulations and cheers to a healthy pregnancy!