Science and Starbucks - What's your favorite coffee-house drink?

I’m doing a study of married couples, one or both with diabetes, and thanking participants with Starbucks gift cards (see my page if you can PLEASE help me out by doing a survey!) I’m wondering if this is a good idea??? What do you like to get at Sbux? Also, I have a fantastic recipe for the blueberry oat bars, just like they sell, and I wonder if this is easily modifiable to be diabetic healthy? I’d be happy to share it!!


I really enjoy McDonalds black plain coffee. Easy on teh BS’s and it is really a good cup of joe.

rick phillips

Rick, I could just as easily do McDonald’s gift cards! Perhaps I should add that option…

I really like McDonald’s coffee, too. And they have “real” half’n’half, which is nice for those who like that.

I work at starbucks and my fav drink is the sugarfree connamon dolce latte.

Nice!!! :slight_smile:
This time of year, that sounds wonderful! I wll have to give that one a try!

I usually get plain lattes. The steamed milk is sweet enough for my taste, most of the time. Lately I’ve been trying out some of the different sugar-free syrups, but I think I’ll probably end up sticking to the plain lattes. It is nice that the Starbucks drink menu is customizable, but that pastry case is always tough to face.

Sugar free mocha cappuccino, with a little sweetener added after. The chocolate has a small amount of sugar, but it doesn’t bother me. Also the sugar free cinn dulche rocks too! Unfortunately I work 5 doors down from one, I am drawn there 4 days a wk!

I (the “diabetic one”) likes a venti Starbucks, sugar-free cinnamon Dolce Latte made with heavy cream. You have to ask special for the heavy cream, they don’t keep it out, but is in the fridge. My wife (the “not diabetic one”) likes to get a grande skinny pumpkin spice latte. We usually get the drinks to go. Sorry to not be very specific.

pumpkin spice latte but that’s a seasonal one. usually sugarfree vanilla latte w/ skim milk if i’m being good

My drink is an espresso machiato with whole milk, extra extra foam. I get just a touch of caramel sauce on top of the foam, not sure if that’s diabetic friendly. mmmmmm…

My usual is either non fat iced latte, or sometimes a plain unsweetened latte.

Oh, and my wife usually gets the Carmel Apple Cider.


Fat free lattes. Yum! Low fat breakfast muffin thingys. Yum!!!

I know it’s not much, but if any of you are willing to complete my survey for married couples, I would SOOOOO appreciate it!!! And I can thank you with a Starbucks gift certificate. Yay! :slight_smile: I truly do need participants, please!!

(By “not much” I mean the Sbux certificates, not your taking the survey. THAT IS much!! LOL!)

I wasn’t able to find your survey ;-( Can you provide a direct link?

Hi, Maureen, It should be on my profile page – or if it’s easier, if you send me your email, I will very happily email the survey to you!

Just email me at

Thank you!!!
Ruthie :slight_smile:

Unsweetened iced green (zen) tea with a splash of passion (tea)…delicious! And some stores were carrying a gluten-free Valencia Orange cake, which was relatively low carb (28) and fairly “pure” ingredients, for that occasional treat. :slight_smile:

Hey again – to those who’ve asked – my survey is on my discussion that is posted on my page, about “Would you like to participate in a survey…” Or please just email me at

We are in great need of (married) participants! Please consider donating your valuable time and expertise to inform this research. It is a wonderful study, and I am really excited about preliminary findings. But we do need more participants for knowledge to be truly advanced… I am able to offer $5 gift certificates to Starbucks – or McD’s!! :slight_smile:

I sure do hope everyone is enjoying the ho-ho-holidays!!! UPDATE: I’ve now received 12 surveys!!! Just need 28 more!!! Donating your time to help inform science about living with diabetes – and receive a small cup of holiday cheer: gift certifcate to Starbucks or McD’s!! Ho ho ho!!!