Favorite Sugar-Free Drink at Starbucks?

What do you guys drink at Starbucks?

triple tall latte, no sweetener

triple venti skinny caramel macchiato… it’s made with SF vanilla syrup and skim milk so I just cover for the milk. Or if I don’t want to bolus, I will get an americano… it’s espresso and water so no carbs and it’s great with some cocoa or vanilla powder on top.

Large dark roast coffee with 2 shots espresso, black.

Grande Latte made with full cream. You have to ask, they keep the full cream in the fridge behind the bar. The full cream is almost totally devoid of carbs.

Grande non-fat latte

A decaf , skinny , double shot espresso , cappucino , topped with cinnamon , a chocolate on the side( which comes home and have quite a collection for those days I get to treat me ) …I bolus for it …we don’t have a Starbucks in my community …but the best " Pink Cherry " www.mypinkcherry.com

Venti nonfat latte with an extra shot.

My favorite is a white chocolate mocchacino, like 60G of carbs but I usually make due with a nofat latte w/ a couple of shots.

There isn’t a Starbucks where I live and I think they all closed down in Sydney and Melbourne. They are real coffee drinkers in those two cities!

Coffee with half and half.

caramel macchiato’s are still made with caramel sauce, and then sugar free vanilla syrup. so that’s still a lot of carbs, how so are you not spiking after if your only covering milk? they can’t make caramel sauce sugar free

venti sugar free caramel/vanila latte or venti iced coffee sweetened with sugar free vanilla and lots of milk

Venti Orange Blossom (Green tea), with 5 shots of SF Vanella Syrup… Smells like a creamsicle… tastes like a pleasant tea

a tall vanilla latte skinny, may not be sugar free but only 14 grams of carbs. The plus side is that starbucks is on my biking route and its my half way point stop

I get the camomile tea or peppermint tea and add a splash of half-n-half. Occasionally a tall decaf latte.

Caffeine slays me.

That sounds delish.

Grande Iced Coffee with SF Hazelnut and some half & half!!! Def my fav.

Might seem kinda boring, but I love the unsweetened Zen Green Iced Tea!

Skinny Vanilla Latte for me! Been dying for one all day…Thankfully, a Co-worker is doing a Starbucks run ATM…should help get us through the rest of the shift LOL