Portland Oregon Insulin Pumpers

I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I am new to Portland and am hoping to connect with other pumpers. While in San Diego I was ina pumpers group (all brands of pumps) that was great. It was a lot like these forums, people who have been pumping a long time as well as people starting to think about pumping.

All of the groups I've found have been focused on Type 2. Anybody have some contacts?

Please join our Northwest Group

they have actually had some Portland meetups (although not just for pumpers, for all types)

I am hoping for pumpers groups because there are tips and tricks that are pump orineted (e.g. how to wear a pump in a strapless dress, basal tricks, and ways to change lolus rates based on time of day. But thanks for the4 heads up for your meetup, I'll check it out.I wish it was on the East side!


Here's another reply, I see that Seattle is a site for the TCOUD conferences,. They don't come to Portland becasue the ADA conference is there. I got spoiled in San Diego: TCOYD headquarters, getting to oknow Bill Polonsky and Steven Edelman (an Endo with Type 1 - a special gem)I'm thinking of making a trip to San Diego just for the TCOYD conferences. I hated Southern CA but the TCOYD conferences are awesome, it's like college and grad school for longtime Type 1's!

I've been looking for a pumpers group here in Portland since I started pumping in 2007. I'm west of Portland out in the country. Let us know if you find one or start one yourself.