Second pregnancy, I’m DONE WORRYING!

This time around, preggo w/ type 1, I’ve worried like crazy about the baby getting too big, my blood glucose being too high too often… you know, all the usual things we diabetics have to consider that other pregnant moms don’t even blink at.
But the worry is driving me crazy, and causing me to really not enjoy being pregnant. Like, at all. But pregnancy is supposed to be this beautiful, glowing, exciting time, where we look forward to the greatest gift ever, and I’m ruining it for myself.
I was encouraged to throw the worry away, because it’s garbage. And instead receive the peace and strength that come from God, from His promise to watch over me and take care of me and my baby.
I’m coming to accept that I can’t cling to my perfect birth plans either. My first birth went entirely not as planned, and I let bitterness from that linger.
This time around I’m planning a lot less, and hoping a lot more in God’s perfect plan for baby and me, whatever that plan is.
I want to encourage all you mamas- let this time be amazing, because it’s supposed to be, and “worrying cannot add a single hour to this life.” -roughly quoted, the Bible


This is such a good attitude to have. I get so caught up in worrying about things too, even though we’re still ttc #1, but I try to trick myself by thinking, well this is a PRACTICAL worry! Someone has to figure this out and literally no one else will do it for me!

I hope your pregnancy is going well!

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You are absolutely right and I’m so glad you can give this to the Lord and enjoy your pregnancy rather than worrying. I always tell my kids it’s like we can give God our worries and in exchange He gives us peace. It’s a beautiful thing!

Praying for a healthy baby for you!

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