Seeking Participants for Research Project (short quiz and survey)

Hello Participants,
My name is Aieysha Alamoudi and I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes about 7 years ago. I am currently finishing my bachelor’s in Health Studies at Hodges University in Fort Myers, Florida. I am working on accruing more shadowing hours and have already applied to graduate school with the hope of entering a Physician Assistant program. I also hope to become a certified diabetic educator. I know that talking to others with the disease has helped me tremendously, so I hope that my future patients will benefit from having a member on their healthcare team who truly understands what it means to live with a chronic illness.
Considering my area of study and my interest in learning how to help myself and others to best manage our diabetes, I have chosen to do my research project on the topic. I have noticed that when I take exams my blood sugar tends to fluctuate excessively. While most write this off as stress or nerves, I have found that this even occurs when I am taking tests that do not count or that do not inspire any sense of stress. I have chosen to conduct an experiment comprised of a short test and survey in an effort to further understand just why I have this experience. However, in order to conduct this research, I need your help! If you are willing and have the time please complete the following tasks:
1. Check and make note of your blood glucose
2. Complete the 25 question sample test here:
3. Check and make note of your BG again
4. Complete the short survey here:

You have completed the task! Thank you!

These results will all be compiled into a research paper and presentation. If you have any further questions, please contact me at Anyone willing to help me with this project by taking the time to do the test and survey are so appreciated.

Sincere Thanks,
Aieysha Alamoudi

This survey has been approved by the TuDiabetes Administration.