Send a Postcard Urging President Obama to Attend September's UN Summit on Non Communicable Diseases. Diabetes is 1 of 4

You may know our incredible advocate and TuDiabetes founder, Manny Hernandez, is working with the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) to rally support for attention on diabetes at the first-ever UN Summit on non-communicable diseases. Diabetes is among the 4 non-communicable diseases that threaten the entire world’s health, prosperity and economic progress, including ours right here in the U.S. I’m going to ask you to do something now.

What you may not know is IDF has created a postcard campaign to urge President Obama to attend the summit (he’s currently undecided). And we all need each other to be part of that campaign. The U.S. attending the summit will spur more action to create better resources, treatment and attention to diabetes and halting the epidemic.

Please read the article I wrote on the Huffington Post urging President Obama to attend the summit. You can send your postcard from there. Your postcard will be sent by the end of this month as part of this grassroots movement.

Then please share the article so others can also send a postcard and support all of us in this first global attempt to truly do something to address diabetes and the toll it takes. Thank you. riva greenberg

Done. Thanks for posting!

I actually have mixed feeling about this whole postcard thing.

Why should we as Americans bombard the American President with this? Yes, I know he is the leader of the free world…blah blah blah…The largest increase of diabetes is in India and China and this is mainly Type 2. Why aren’t we expressing our outrage with these countries leaders? Send postcards over there to China and India. You have some African countries that are going bankrupt trying to maintain health care for Type 1 diabetics. Why aren’t we targeting some of the leaders of these countries? I am rather tired of foreigners always wanting America to shoulder the burden of some cause but can not offer anything in return for our efforts. We should take care of home first. Outrage should be a distant 5th.

Why must our president shoulder the diabetic outrage campaign by himself? He is not responsible for what people do in other countries. If that was the case we would have peace in the middle east years ago. Personally I would like the President to work on curing the debt debacle and putting people back to work like he said he would during the campaign. I will be surprised if anything should become of this in the future.

Christalyn, I don’t disagree with you. America and our president should not, in my view, shoulder the world’s problems. Coming to the Summit, however, is not about America shouldering India or China’s rising diabetes epidemic, or the destitution in Africa. All Heads of State across the world are being asked to come to the Summit, and many are from many countries. The reason it’s important President Obama comes is to signal the importance of managing non-communicable diseases. America still is a super-power and what it does sends a message around the world. The rising costs of non communicable diseases, both in mortality and money, will impact the world’s financial progress and stability, it is a far-ranging and far-sweeping issue.

I prefer for him to for go this conference and try to get our country back on track. People need jobs and health insurance.

I hate to be a sour puss on the subject matter but I can’t get what is happening in congress and the economy. Now if Michelle Obama wants to go to the summit I would be totally ecstatic!! The world would get to see our country being represented by a Black woman who has expressed concern for the nation’s children and health system.

Again why not ask people to send these cards to the nations that have these problems?

Agree, Riva, that it’s a powerful message for our president, along with other world leaders, to be present. Diabetes knows no boundaries.

So when does anybody plan postcards to OTHER LEADERS of the world that do not care of their people? The American president main focus is to put people back to work. Health care in other countries is the responsibility of those leaders.

Elected officials are more sensitive to the needs of their native constituencies. The focus of this specific campaign is US citizens contacing the US president. The role of the president is also one of a world leader. Anyone should feel free to contact other heads of state. When disasters hit countries, other nations help. The diabetes epidemic is one of disaster proportion as people are needlessly dying & suffering.

Since your focus is an economic one, Riva has mentioned in her Huffington article the widespread economic effects of diabetes.

Great info, Riva! Thanks for helping keep this ball in the air!

The American President has bigger issues to concern himself with than what the IDF has to offer. Our economy is in the toilet. People have to get back to get jobs and go back to work.

Has the IDF preambled other foreigner leaders? What were there responses? Some how this question nerves gets answered.

I know I am not the only one that is tired of the US having to be the leader on EVERYTHING that happens globally to other countries. If it is a domestic problem rarely do you hear of other countries doing the same for us. Other countries should have some form of info structure in place to help themselves. They have no problems going to war but when it comes to health issues everybody has to help them.

“When disasters hit countries, other nations help. The diabetes epidemic is one of disaster proportion as people are needlessly dying & suffering.” Well we had a hurricane called Katrina and Rita that ripped through my old stomping grounds and this country did a horrible job taking care of the situation. The American President did a horrible job taking care of the BP oil debacle that ruined the Gulf of Mexico where I use to go enjoy summer vacations. (I am a southern girl at heart) You expect him to show and do some spectacular at this event?

I feel that it is more important to put Americans back to work that are job less and homeless than to worry about global issue with other countries. Put the pressure on them to do better.

I hope Michelle Obama accepts the invitation to be keynote speaker! It would be wonderful to the US represented by a polished and intelligent Black woman.