Sending our friend Kelly some love!

Kelly Kunik is a fighter. She has been an amazing advocate for diabetes and today she was faced with a huge challenge… one due a blood clot in one of her eyes which, as usual, she has faced in an admirable way.

From her blog post titled “I Will Be Seeing Things In a Different, But No less Beautiful Light” this morning:
“I’ve lost most of my vision in my right eye, permanently…”

Yet, if you take a few minutes to read the entire post, you will see the kind of fiber that she is made up of.

We love you, Kelly! And we stand with you in this time.

It’s an amazing post from Kelly. I think for anyone with diabetes who worries about complications (this is NOT a diabetes complication), the post is well worth reading.

Kelly, you’re a strong lady & your words are honest & inspiring.

Wishing the best for both your beautiful eyes.

Such a strong spirit Kelly! Don’t sweat the small stuff… and it’s all small stuff

Will be checking to learn the outcome of the latest…ride the wind and hangon.

Manny & Company-
THANKS so much for the positive vibes, love, and support!
turns out- the vision loss IS NOT diabetes related (my retinas had very little damage for being a pwd) and the heart & artery tests have come back clean. I was told by 2 corroded artery experts that I had the best set of corroded arteries they’d ever seen!
Dr’s are leaning towards a 1 in a million shot! More tests on other areas this week to rule out anything else.
Once those tests come back clean I’m buying a sh*tload of lottery tickets because I will have the odds in my favor!!
Once again, big thanks for all the love, support, & positive vibes- I am truly a blessed woman!