Sending pump data to endo using iPad and t:connect—quick response pls

I need to send pump data to my endo but I’m out of town with only my pump, my iPhone, and my iPad. I can access the t:connect portal and sign in to my acct on my iPad and/or my iPhone but only my iPhone is paired with my pump,so only my iPhone/pump,pair is connected to the t:connect app, if I understand it correctly. But my pump cord only has the old usb end connector and I can’t connect it to my iPad. If I leave the tandem app open on my phone and my pump and my phone are paired and connected, is this sending pump data to my endo continuously?

Sorry but this new finagled technology has passed me by sometimes!

My X2 pump as well as the Dexcom info on the pump are automatically uploaded to the Tandem website through the t:connect app on my phone. My endo has my login info to sign in through their browser to the t:connect website. My info is not automatically sent to her. Sometimes endo offices are able to access their patients’ data with special software provided by the vendor. My endo indicated at my last visit that they were having issues with Tandem data and wanted my login info.

I can go into the t:connect online site on my iPad through the browser. The data that is there came through the t:connect app on my iPhone. My pump does not communicate with my iPad and there is no way to download my pump with a cord to my iPad or Phone. My memory is that previously you had problems with your pump info not getting to the Tandem website. Hope that is resolved.

Thx Laddie. Your setup sounds like mine so I must be doing it right. My endo should be getting all my data whenever the app is open on my phone, which should be almost 24/7. I wonder why her asst asked me if I could upload data to them today, if they’re already getting all my data, but that’s for another day.

As for my earlier pblm, it was getting data to my Dex app, and it was my bad. I’m fixed it.

The t connect seems to stop collecting data if you ignore it. Then after you open it, it starts uploading the data. The nurse prob saw a gap in the data.

I try to open the tconnect every other day to make sure I get everything uploaded.

My nurse also reminds me to upload before appointments and I think she tells everyone that.