CGM error

yesterday while i was at the dentist i ended up getting a CGM error on my animas vibe pump. I didnt have time to really investigate on it as well i was getting my teeth cleaned. by the time i got home i wasnt sure who to really call. but has anyone else gotten this error and what does it mean? i had to restart the sensor again. first time this has happened. im using the again the animas vibe pump.

215-652000000000000000 CGM failure is what it said. i had to count the zeros as there are a lot of it

Thanks…it hasnt done it since the error. it just stopped the sensor and i had to restart it. its been working since. but still i dont want the issue to happen again. ill call on monday to see whats up unless there is a 24/7 line for animas so i can see whats going on. if the pump needs to be replaced or anything ill work on getting the pump i want which is tandem. it is strange that its coming from the pump. i hope it is just a fluke as well

ah thats good to know that they are always available. ill give them a call once i find my phone…i had it a few mins ago and now i cant remember where i placed it lol

thanks…ill post an update once i get some answers

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well im getting a new transmitter. it turns out its the transmitter itself that failed and i just got this one in june or july or something. sigh so ill get my new transmitter on tuesday.

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i called animas first as its a cgm that is intergrated into the pump. and it is a bummer about the failure considering i got the transmitter in july. hopefully this one wont fail on me. i did contact my rep from the medical supplier that i get the sensors from if its worth it to upgrade to the g5…ill hear back from her on monday. at least i did get an answer!

Well, that sort of suggests the direction of my “should I try to keep a backup transmitter?” question. I’m about to install the second one from my G5 starter kit, so the time to answer that is now.

My insurer seems to be sensitive about timing and doesn’t want to pay until I’m almost out. That was a problem with the 2nd order of sensors, because Dexcom screwed up and I was wearing the last one before the new set arrived. I like some padding on important schedules.

I guess that’s my task for Monday.

the sensors arent the issue…it was the transmitter. at least it wasnt a sensor issue that ill have to send back the whole box

i know the G5 isnt compatible with the vibe but it may be worth upgrading it. i emailed my rep and see what she will say. i told her what happened to my transmitter and im getting a new one. wanted to see what my options were. i plan on going with the tandem pump once i figure out if ill be able to still get my supplies. according to animas website the supplier that i get my supplies from will be notified. so ill see…ill be getting a reply to my email. i like having options so i can make sure i have my diabetes in check. plus i worry that the same error may happen

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I understand, but I was looking at my history with ordering anything from them. My first order was screwed up because some inexperienced employee marked it completed before it was sent, then they couldn’t find my insurer’s faxed approval for the first sensor refill order so it was delayed until the last minute. Kaiser tells me they will approve my order for the next transmitter 6 weeks before this one is scheduled to die.

I’ve marked my calendar and will be annoying both Kaiser DME and Dexcom until Dexcom tells me a transmitter addressed to me is in the possession of the shipper.