Sensor site on the arm?

Attached is a pic that shows a cgm placement idea for the thigh.

Mine on the inner part of my upper thigh, further toward the inside than the pic. If I put my hand into the pocket of my jeans the tip of my middle finger is about how far down the leg it's inserted. When inserting I squeeze the thigh so the needle doesn't hit anything.

For those of you that keep the sensor on longer then the 7 days, do you stop the sensor and restart it or let it expire on its own then restart it?

I stop it and restart it usually within a couple of hours of its' expiration time. I just try to do it when it is convenient for me since you have to wait 2 hours to recalibrate it.

I do what Clare does. I don't let it expire on its own. Stop sensor. Start Sensor.

I wear it on my arm all the time - vertically. Easy to insert looking in a mirror. Upper arm area - it is much more comfortable than on my stomach. and, it seems to stay attached better.

I was wearing it on my chest and belly in the beginning on the first 6 sensors I tried it once on my arm and haven't gone back to my chest or my belly since.
I usually get almost 2 weeks until the adhesive has peeled away and it needs replacement.
I wear it vertical and on the outside of my bicep.

I wear mine on my arm too. I hate having it anywhere else. I've gotten pretty good at inserting it myself, using the corner of a door frame to get the "pinch". My husband is too squeamish to help :( I try to keep it out of the direct shower spray so the adhesive lasts longer. I also tape it down.

I will add another related question to this topic and see if it comes to the top for an answer.

Is anyone putting the G4 on their arm? Since it has a higher profile I have thought that it may be more prone to getting pushed off when I turn in my sleep. I need another site and I have never been able to get the pump insertion to stay on my thighs. I have no reason to think the G4 would stay either plus the higher profile would make it more prone to catching on jeans, etc.

I wore the 7+ on my arm and now wear the G4 on my arm with no problems. The higher profile causes me no problems. I usually get 14 to 18 days per sensor, and the accuracy on my arm is better than previous locations.

Thanks, George. I presume you wear it more to the back of the arm so you are not lying on it when on your side. I have used the arm with the 7+ but it is hard to put it on by yourself. I know some have no problem and I have watched videos. Will give it a try. Thanks again.

I got some help to put the sensor on my upper arm and it's been there for 7 days now. I'm really happy with it. When the sensor was in my tummy, I had quite a few of ??? on my receiver. Haven't seen any ??? since it's on my upper arm. My readings are accurate and I have no inconveniences wearing it there.

I just got my G4 last wednesday. First time CGM user. I inserted my first sensor myself and got a "sensor failed" message 20 minutes after having spent about an hour putting it in. SO I waited for my husband to get home and he did it really fast on my abdomen. We watched a youtube video of a 3 year old boy having his put on his arm, so we're planning on doing that next week. I love my G4.

[2014-G4.jpg|attachment](upload://kr2sPwni0satdxP6ftYUslHKhGi.jpeg) (29.4 KB)

So after 2 attempts I got the sensor on my arm. I’m in the waiting period now so ill have to see how the readings look once its working. However I do feel like my arm is a little tender which is not something I have experienced with the abdomen. Maybe it’s just that since its a new site I’m more aware of it and thinking about it?

I started a new sensor on Sunday in my arm and I always experience some achiness after insertion regardless of where the sensor is placed. I think that is one of the reasons for the 2 hour "marination" period to allow the swelling caused by the insertion needle to settle down. Generally the achiness goes away after a day or so for me.

So I put on the sensor yesterday morning and my arm is still tender. I had a hard time sleeping on that side because I felt like I was laying on it and it hurt. Has anyone tried putting it on their thigh?

Yes I do use my thigh here is a photograph of Day 17 of the sensor
Here are all the discussions that have been started about the thigh site

Hi Melissa - Yes I just tried putting it on my arm. It wasnt as accurate as my abdomen, but would likely do again if I needed too. Like the beach or I know my abdomen isnt going to work.

Yes the reason I tried my arm was because I’m going to the beach and I figured it would stand out less then on my abdomen. I gotta tell you though that I’m almost through my second full day and I’m still not happy with it. I wouldn’t say it’s extremely painful but it’s def a dull constant ache and I find it hard to sleep on it so I’m debating just switching to my stomach and saying screw what it looks like!!

Ah that sucks, I was very hesitant to try my arm and risk it not working, but it seemed to be ok for me. Every once in awhile, it would feel like I got a shot in my arm, but it would go away quickly. Hope it goes away!