where can you wear the sensor for the dexcom on your body can you wear
it on your upper arm and on your lower back and i have a omnilpod
pump and can your wear it on your upper chest thank you roy greene

Unlike the Abott product, the Dexcom is “approved” for the lower abdomen only… However… many people have used it in places similar to that of the Navigator (upper arms and such) and it has worked for them…

love handles, butt cheeks, and backside of upper arms are all very popular. Some people report success on upper leg locations, but not on top- more on the side.

I use love handles, exclusively. Straight down from armpits at least an inch above my belt, and well below my ribs. If you try “Lower back”, you’ll probably need to stay away from ribs and/or rib cartilage. Is upper butt cheek, well above the part you sit on, a possibility? Many people are successful there.

When I found that MY results, using the FDA-approved frontal abdomen locations, were very poor, I tried some alternate places in an “off-label” way. I’m not qualified to give medical advice. But I can remind you of this simple fact: Many drugs are widely prescribed for “Off-Label” indications- and in many specialties, “Off-Label” drugs are considered by many MDs to be First line and Second line treatments of choice for certain conditions.

It costs tons of money to support the studies, create the documents, and take part in all the procedures and events which are necessary to win an FDA approval. The fact that a company didn’t go through all of that stuff is often a financial decision, or a decision to avoid “wasting the time of our most business-critical experts.” It does not mean that the unapproved treatment is “bad”. And in fact, well, just reread that statement which I made about Off-Label drugs being widely used as “First-Line Treatment of Choice”…

It’s a fact. I tried a few other places, and most of them worked better than the FDA-Approved Sensor areas did. I’ve never used the “Approved” locations since I did that “trial”.

I’ve never once placed a Dex sensor in the “approved” area… most of my sensors have worked just fine :slight_smile: I’m convinced that the few which failed, would have failed no matter what - I lost 3 out of a box of 4 to failures (which were all replaced by Dexcom… but shh, I told them they were in my belly).