i’m writing so that i don’t go crazy. my husband is away for a whole week and the “help” i’m getting from others is not what i call help. it’s like more work for me. just when i get one step ahead i get three behind. and today was no different. i went up to my mother-in-law’s office, which is an hour away, for lunch. got there nearly late. hanna’s lunch number was low but i had the wherewithall to bring her lunch in the off chance that we didn’t get there in time. the baby was ok until we got back to the office. i put her in the stroller to get her to sleep and hanna dumped a room freshener right in her face. thank god she puked like it was her job. i prayed all the way home that she was going to be fine. she was checked out and is fine. then we weren’t home more than an hour and i was rushing to get dinner on the table and hanna tells me that she ate some of granny’s candy. my mother-in-law doesn’t eat candy. turns out she had "extras’ of her meds in her purse. i’ve told her a hundred times hanna knows how to open child proof caps. she had no idea how many of each pill she had in the bottle so we had to go by what hanna said. she said she spit it out but then said she ‘fed her belly’. i almost died. we determined that she had a seroquel in her mouth but spit it out. seriously!!! i called the ER for advice and they told me they couldn’t give out that kind of advice and i should call my pediatrician. SERIOUSLY!!! i ended up with the on-call pedi. and talked me through what to do and hanna is fine but miserable. her number for bed was 360. looks like another sleepless night for me. this is insane. i’m just going to stay home and tell everyone to stay away!!s