Disgruntled Momma! GRRRR!

Ok I’m mad! Just before dinner I get a call from my sons’ psych. He says " Because we (counselor and he) disagree with the fact that the judge returned your son to you; we no longer feel that we can provide counsel and medicine for your family. You need to find another dr and counselor."
GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! The way things are now; medicaid stinks!!! How in the world do we find a Dr and counselor in the same office to deal with two children that need constant medical upkeep in psychotic or anti depressant medications??? Also, that they would not harass our children for homeschooling. (our choice and has nothing to do with mental health care.)
Meanwhile, I’ve been going low for a few days to the scary point due to bad needles! I did not have the lot number that everyone was talking about so I ignored the recall. Talk about a not smart move!!! I’m not a person that goes low. After all, I’m type2. I’m the one that looks at a slice of bread and go high!
ok, vent over. Still need employment,drs , counselor and some breathing space of peace!

Meadowlark…I have been away, so not up to date. Can I just congratulate you on your son coming home? Good luck with the other stuff.

Yup! thankyou Elaine:) I feel like I should not even be around… this has gotta be stuff for the soaps!
I’d sure be rich!!! LOL!

I learned of a possible program for Micahel… I’m going to be searching out details to see if it will help him. I need to find some kind of outlet for him that will bring more positive influences in to his life.