Its been a rough week!

Monday was our first night that my husband had to go to work the next morning. Well he didn’t make it because he over sleep. Thats fine except for the fact that I didn’t know he’d also be missing Thursday as well. Wednesday night he ended up driving me up to the hospital where I spent from 8:30pm to 7am in the ER where I was then transferred to ICU because I was having severe breathing problems where I couldn’t catch my breathe and having palpations. I was on an oxygen mask to try to get my heart rate and respirations and under control. Sometime in the night I finally got stabalized and breathing normally though I don’t remember when though. My blood sugar was 568 when I went in. My heart rate was 155 when brought in. The pain throughout my body was so bad that they had to give me two different dosages of morphine before the pain even started to go away. From the ICU they got me starting to eat solid foods around 11am and said that I would be probably moved to a regular room sometime that day. Well sometime that day was midnight. My husband has hardly gotten any sleep. The most that he’s gotten is last night when he was able to go home and sleep after knowing where I got moved to but he was up at the hospital by 8am like he said that he was going to be. I finally got out today at 5pm after being told at 9am this morning I would be discharged. Sure does take doctors forever to get the discharge papers to the nurse. This happens everytime I’m in. They take forever getting me discharged and don’t listen to me when they are in.

As some of you already know, I also have bipolar disorder. Well that entire time I was in they would not give me my bipolar medications which is seroquel and tegretol. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t give it to me. I’m not sure what’s going on. All I know is when bipolar goes off their meds even for a few days like two they get a little crazy. Not like everyone doesn’t already think that I am crazy.