Seventeen minutes of diabetes mirth

I’m a geek – a diabetes geek. I am curious and interested about how to live well with diabetes and I must remind myself how weird this must appear to gluco-normals. Some people entertain themselves binge watching whole seasons of their favorite videos. I do that, too, but sometimes, like yesterday, I watched a whole weekend conference about type 1 diabetes.

I was aware that Steve Edelman’s Taking Control of Your Diabetes or TCOYD organization put on a weekend retreat for type 1 diabetes last August in San Diego.

The conference was billed as: ONE: The Ultimate Conference & Retreat for Adults with Type 1. What I discovered over this last weekend is that every session of that weekend was recorded and made available to view for free. I was thrilled to discover this motherlode of diabetes culture that few outside of diabetes geekdom can understand. I spent almost all day yesterday glued to my laptop monitor telling myself, “I’ll just watch one more and leave the rest for later.” I know, strange!

The video that really touched me was T1D and blogger, Kerri Sparling, and her take on balancing diabetes with trying to live a full life. I’ve known about Kerri and even met her at a Diabetes Unconference a few years back. What I didn’t know about her was her razor sharp wit. I didn’t want this video to end. I’m sharing this link here because I want you to enjoy the comedy that life with diabetes can sometimes take.


Terry- I was so fortunate to attend that retreat & am eager to attend next years also in San Diego! Kerri and her blog sixuntilme is my favorite & I check in each day hoping for a new post. I love her blog! Makes me happy, makes me cry and makes me glad that it’s not just me when silly, dumb things happen. I so hope she will be back. And glad to hear it’s available online. It was a great event for just those with type 1. We all got it😊

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Thanks Terry !

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I’ve got my calendar marked for the August event dates and also the cutoff date for the early registration discount. For me, this was like watching the all-stars of diabetes. Every presenter was a rock-star in their own right. I’m definitely making plans to attend next August!

Talking behind Kerri’s back (in the only correct way), she is a great woman. Very helpful, very funny and very real.


Thanks for sharing!

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good stuff :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Terry! That video was terrific!

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