TCOYD Type 1 retreat

Just got an email from TCOYD with the dates and who will be attending. Looks like another great retreat! I will be attending for a third time and am thinking about spending the extra money to stay in the resort vs driving back and forth each day. Hoping to meet some of you who I talk with through these discussions. I had the privilege of meeting Terry and Norm last year. Hope to see a lot of you. If there is a lot of us, we should try for a get together to put faces to the names!

I think this is correct link for 2019.

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This looks like another great conference. The list of speakers is impressive: Gary Scheiner (Think Like a Pancreas), Kerri Sparling (SixUntilMe), Dr. Stephen Ponder (Sugar Surfing), William Polonsky (Behavioral Diabetes Institute), Aaron Kowalski (JDRF), Katie DiSimone (DIY & Tidepool Loop), Christel Marchand Aprigliano (DPAC & The Diabetes Unconference) and many more, including conference organizer, Dr. Steven Edelman.

Last year’s conference was outstanding. While the conference fee and hotel fees do add up, one or two diabetes treatment take-away gems can help make your life materially better. Plus it’s fun to connect with other T1Ds!

I enjoyed meeting and spending some time with @Sally7 last year. Face-to-face interaction with other people with diabetes is a great complement to online discourse.

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You should write a blog about it if you go!

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That would be a great getaway.

I looked at the link, and Paradise Point Resort & Spa is a place my family stayed at in 1972 ( I would have been 13). It doesn’t look a whole lot different than it did 47 years ago :grinning:

I have been to a few TCOYD held in my town. I just LOVE them.

It has been several years since they have come to my area and I hope they will come back again in the future.