TCOYD - The Ultimate Conference & Retreat for Adults with Type 1 - San Diego - August 17-19, 2018

Curious - is anyone attending the One: The Ultimate Conference & Retreat for Adults with Type 1 event in San Diego?

I’ll be there, Anna! I think there are a few others here who plan to attend. Are you going?

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I have always disliked being in gatherings of type 1 diabetics, since these occasions so dramatically thematize the diabetic aspect of life, the worst part of my existence, that they are profoundly depressing. It is like being on display as one of the exhibits in a circus of freaks, with no other defining feature than having non-functioning pancreatic beta cells. This is why I used to hate the mandatory week every five years I had to spend at the Joslin’s Clinic when I was a patient there, since those periods would reduce me to being nothing but my most unfortunate feature. In contrast, everywhere else, whether school, work, or social events, where I always kept my medical condition a secret, I could feel normal.

Was thinking of it @Terry4 - but cost of flight from Montreal probably would be out of my range (I only found out about this conference the other day). I’ll keep it in mind, I figured you would be going since it’s out in your neck of the woods. If my Mike (who you met in Las Vegas for the Dunconf) was into travelling, I would be going for sure.

Again, hopefully next year.

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Sorry to hear about how these types of events make you feel @Seydlitz. Not sure how long you have been diagnosed (I am 50+ years). Having events like this, meeting up with younger folks and giving them hope that even with the what I had in the 60’s I’m still alive and kicking, is something that makes me feel good.

It’s also not ALL about diabetes, not to me at least. It’s meeting up with others that share similar interests in life (@Terry4 likes to sail). It’s nice being around people who get the glazed look in your eyes, sweating brow, as you are having a hypo (thank goodness for CGM’s that is a thing of the past for me … most of the time :wink: ).

The main thing is, if it’s not your cuppa tea, that is fine. Having sites like this one, is at least a good way to reach out to others in private for when/if you need help. Tudiabetes taught me how to use my insulin pump. I had no training due to lack of English speaking rep in Quebec where I was living for the past 30 years. I used John Walsh’s book prior to pumping to be able to transition into a machine that goes beep easily.

We don’t have all the fancy things like Joslin’s here in Canada. In away I envy what Americans have, but it’s okay, we cope. Just remember we are Dwarriors, whether we hide it or not … it is whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Take care.

Hehehe, @Seydlitz. Thats funny - an exhibit at the circus. Its funny because its kinda true. But, I dont feel that way at all. I think of illness as a natural part of the human condition/experience. People who aren’t dealing with it are kinda the exception, not the rule, because its all around us. I like talking about diabetes because soooo many people talk about their medical conditions with me, as a result. I have really learned a lot about what makes us different and what makes us the same as one another. I think I get lots of advocates that way. My best advocates are typically people with other chronic illnesses. We look out for one another. Its a nice, secret society that other people dont understand or even know exists.