Should I sell my Minimed Paradigm pump?

Hi everyone! I'm new here, but I thought I would ask for some advice... I'm thinking of selling my minimed paradigm pump. Is it okay to do this? I'm going to be getting a new one and I need some extra cash for bills/taxes, etc... I know that I could probably donate it, but I'd sell it for a good price as well.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

It's illegal to sell prescription items, sorry. You can't list it on Tu as free either.

Gerri is right. A pump is a prescription-only medical device, and since you're not a licensed physician, you have no right to sell or even give one to someone else. And here's a thought: if you're getting a new one, it may be a good idea to keep the old one as a backup, just in case. Then if something goes wrong, you're not left hanging!

While you cannot sell prescription items, you can donate them so that they can be re-prescribed and help other people who could really use a pump. The donation can either be directly to an individual or to a charitable organization. I believe if you donate it to a recognized charity you can take a tax donation for the approximate value. If you donate it privately, some pump makes allow you to pay a fee (I know one charges $495) to recertify the pump and warranty it for another period time.

I just swapped mine out and Medtronics would give me $500 credit if you send it back to them, presumably to be rebuilt/ resold? They haven't sent the bill or asked for it just yet so I've still got it but I figure there's not much point in having the old one around. While having a backup seems handy, there's a whole "trust" issue that would probably erode away if it sits for a while?

I saved my previous pump as a back up, but I got the same offer from Minimed for $500 even though my old pump was an ANIMAS!
Anyway it is of little use to a new user in any case as there is no way to service it. I assume it is out of warrantee too. But no one else can get service on it but you even if its still covered.

Medtronic has a program that allows you to make a Private Donation of an insulin pump to another individual. For a fee of $495, Medtronic will recertify the pump and provide a warranty (of at least 2 yrs). Either the giver or reciever (or a charity) can pay the fee. Presumably other pump companies offer similar programs.

ps. Tudiabetes cannot be involved in this process at all as the laws vary so significantly across the US and internationally, hence strictness of the terms of service here.

Where I am, there is no way in h**l you could do that, lol. They have a very (VERY!!) strict outline of numerous things you have todo, just to get into a preparation class. And just from all the info stuff I have learned from the diabetes team, I think it would be illegal to sell your pump to someone.

If you did manage to sell it, it would probably be very useless to the buyer. Because the buyer needs more than just the actual pump. The buyer would need refils on the insulin, refils on the inserter device, refils on everything-basically. And they can't get refills without the Dr's approval, and the insurance company would immediatly deny it since it is technically not legally yours.

So I think you could-though its probably illegal- but really it would be as good as nothing to any buyer. But i doubt anyone would buy it lol XD

I have seen them on craigslist.
As far as being "prescription" goes. Test stripes may or may not be prescription, and man insulin pump could be the same way, so it may be OK to sell them. The laws vary per state.

Thanks for the info everyone! I've heard and seen things that make me think both ways. I even found a website that allows people to sell them ( I'm not trying to do anything illegal, just want to hook someone up who may need an extra or for whatever reason... The morality is also something else to consider... Thanks again for all the replies!

Test strips are OTC, no Rx needed. People get a prescription for strips so their insurance will cover some of the cost.

This company is headquartered in Cyprus.