What to do with supplies for a pump I no longer have?

I have several boxes of Minimed supplies that only work with the pump I traded in to get my current pump. Anyone have suggestions on what to do with them? I know there may be issues transferring between individuals because they’re prescription items, but are there groups that distribute donated supplies?

I did, I now have two pumps that use the same type of supplies. I traded in a 504 or 6 something series? can’t recall exactly what it was, and I now have two of the Paradigm series. One has the cgm sensor and one does not.

I checked out iPump.org, but they’re not currently accepting minimed supplies due to their concerns over minimed’s recall history. I can appreciate their concern, but I’ve been on some type of minimed pump for the last 22 years and don’t have any reasons to switch.

I got $700 for my dead 512 from Animas :slight_smile: If it had still been working I’m not sure I would have traded it in…

You’re right that the exchange of prescription items (which includes infusion sets) is not permitted on TuD, but perhaps you could give these to your endo or CDE OR ask them to tell you someone who might need them. They may not be able to officially make the exchange, but they might have some ideas.

First pump model? 1986, CPI Betatron I, followed by the Betatron II then all Minimed pumps after that

Looks like if you google donating insulin pump supplies, you will find sources. Good luck.

Yes, in fact they brought one in to show me how lucky I was that I didn’t have to carry it around. They had only stopped using them in the beginning of that year and most users had already switched out of them to the new betatrons from CPI. The Auto Syringe was the size and weight of a brick. Made me very thankful for my little betatron and it’s three rechargable batteries.

When I switched to my Animas I just called my endo/Diabetes Education Center and they took them for patients who can’t afford supplies or lost insurance. So my first call would be to them.

my supplier said if the box is unopened and still sealed you can return them for replacements ie, switching insets from one type to another.

diabeticrockstar.com also has a charity called fight it in which they help diabetic ppl without insurance get supplies. I know that they try to raise money, but I also think they can take donations of supplies. you would have to go to the site to check for sure:)

Yeah I would check with your local CDE or hospital/support group. Or even your county? Some counties have clinics.

I usually donate extras to a non-profit health clinic a few blocks off campus (wayne State University in Detroit). They wont accept pump supplies, but they love extra lancets and old meters :slight_smile:

You can join IP (Insulin Pumpers) which is a Yahoo! group. Its coordinator, Michael, collects donated pump supplies and sends them to folks who have lost their health insurance.