Should we wait? T1 Pregnancy during Pandemic

So I know that this pandemic has caused stress for a lot of people. I personally have been taking all precautions when I have to leave the house but have been mainly staying home. I wanted to know for all the ladies who have already gone through pregnancy during this time, or are currently going through it, how stressful has it been for you?

I’ve never been pregnant but my husband and I would like to start trying soon, but I’m unsure if maybe we should wait till all of this calms down some? I have T1D, Hashimoto’s, and asthma, so it’s scary to me even not being pregnant. I know the virus isn’t bad for all, and most cases are mild but I don’t know if the risk is too high to add the pregnancy on top of everything.

I also know that once COVID passes, something else might pop up so I’m wondering if it’s worth waiting after all? I’d just like to hear everyone’s experiences so far! And if you’ve had the virus how was your experience with that as well?

I have read a lot about husbands not being able to go into ultrasound or doctor appointments during this time, and to me that’s heartbreaking. This will be my first pregnancy and I can’t imagine not having my husband with me. But also, just the fear of getting the virus during or after pregnancy, because I imagine it’s going to be stressful enough just being a T1D.

Any advice or experiences would be greatly appreciated! I hate that I’m such a planner at heart, but I hate going into the literal, unknown, with more unknowns. lol

I think alot depends on your control is now, and if you use pump and cgms to keep tight control. Maybe setup appointment with high risk pregnancy specialist that you do online with your husband. They would have experience with others going though it now.

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What’s your risk of covid exposure? Are you working from home?

People are reporting increased maternal and infant health during this period, so there could be benefits to not waiting.

But, as a type 1, I worry about you, personally, if you are leaving the house. If your on lockdown (more or less) and so is the husband, then I don’t see any problem.

My friend’s wife just delivered. Things went fine.

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I don’t have a pump or CGM, but I test 8-10 times a day, more if I’m sick, would definitely test more often if I became pregnant. Just got my A1C done a month ago it was 5.6 but I’ve been continuously around 6 or under for the last 2 years, under 7 since diagnoses 8 years ago. I’ve always maintained pretty good control, so I’m not so much concerned about the diabetes aspect, but having asthma and if it all together would be too risky. But thank you for the idea! I was planning to make a call to an OBGYN who works with diabetics this week for a preconception visit, I will have to check to see if they do telemedicine visits or not!

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The only place I go is to the grocery store, and I always wear a mask and sanitize + keep far distance from people! I work from home, and my husband is currently working from home, so I’d say our exposure rate is pretty low. However, the doctors I would have to see are about 40 min away and in a more populated and higher outbreak area. I worry about being more highly exposed because it’s outside of our rural area that only has a few cases compared to the thousands in those areas.

I bet you do just fine. There are risks, but you seem in pretty good situation.
My biggest concern would be if you feel comfortable receiving a covid vaccination while pregnant. If its not as thoroughly tested, there is the potential that you need to stay isolated until you deliver.

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Yeah, I’ve been wondering about the vaccine even not pregnant and when/what it will be like. I had a horrible reaction to the pneumonia shot this past year and was told to never get another. But hey, I’m fine with being at home all the time, so I’ll deal with it as it comes I guess :rofl:

Really? ! ? ! OMG, I’ve never heard of that. How scary.

These guys are starting phase 3 trials/testing, so it wont be long, now. Oxford vaccine is safe and induces immune response, early results suggest | CNN

But, you could be half way done with your pregnancy before its out. Sucks being pregnant in the summer heat. This way, you miss August.

BTW, we just had our first infant death in my state from covid. Think about a plan if you had to isolate from your husband shortly after giving birth. The season (and situation) might not be idea for living in a tent out in the yard during the winter months. He might have some winter camping ahead of him. Do you have gear for that?

Thanks for sharing! I wasn’t aware of the status of vaccine yet! And my husband has an office with a daybed along with our guest bathroom, so we could easily isolate if needed!

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I think you should do it. In the future things will be tougher. That’s always the way. You will always think about your health. As we get a little older out health generally declines a little. If your doctor thinks you can handle a pregnancy as you are right now, then you should go forward.
You can be careful with covid and you can likely avoid it until the vaccine comes. You have 9 months before your baby gets here every you started today.


At the very least I would recommend getting a Dexcom. Pregnancy will cause your body to require more insulin as your pregnancy progresses.

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I think a lot of this depends on where you are located! I am in PA and have had no trouble with my husband going with my to ultrasound appointments (I actually took my mom to the last one) as long as you are comfortable wearing a mask they are pretty easy going around here. I don’t think it has been much more stressful than it normal T1 pregnancy stress. I would take your job into consideration but I feel like most jobs are doing what they have to in order to keep employees safe whether they are pregnant or not (I work in a dental office so they really upped PPE protocols- im basically wearing a hazmat suit). The technology we have today really helps as well-i send my BG’s to my high risk office every week for my Endo there to check them and she makes adjustments as needed via email.


I’ll be thinking about it, but my insurance doesn’t cover it. I don’t have a problem testing a lot, and I know my body is liable to change but I really do want to rely on feeling my numbers changing. We shall see, if I can get approved through pregnancy I’ll definitely try it!

That’s good to hear! I live in a smaller area, so I’m wondering if they would be more open to him going. I’m a homemaker so I don’t have to worry about working in the public, and my husband works in IT and can work from home so thankfully we can keep our distance from people! And I was wondering about that; I know a lot of doctors right now are doing video visits, so if I could stay in touch that way it would be a lot less worry!

UPDATE: I’m pregnant!!! I just found out 2 days ago, and called an OBGYN today to make an appointment! I think I’m most nervous about the doctor honestly, since I haven’t had the best experiences. But regardless, I’m excited and had to update on this thread :slight_smile:

Hi Daisy,

Congrats!! I had a baby at 38. First and only. 62 now. T1 diagnosed at 30. A1c 7%. No probs in pregnancy. But had a c-section due to his size. Insulin constantly upped during pregnancy. He weighed 10.5 lbs at 38 weeks when they took him out. He is 24 now and has not been affected health-wise at all. So enjoy and good luck thru your pregnancy.


I’m 32 and still don’t have a baby, my boyfriend and I are waiting to get married until after the pandemic which really sucks! My friend who’s 26 just had a baby and she would say that breathing was hard with having to wear a mask in the latter trimester. I had never given this a thought but it sounds awful. I have bad allergies anyway and find whenever I wear the masks I feel sick the next day from breathing into them.

Sounds like I need to move somewhere like PA! especially with being able to text your blood sugars…living in the boondocks has its disadvantages even though it’s peaceful.

Thank you so much!! I’m so excited :slight_smile: I just hope I can get a good team of doctors! Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

I had a baby at 38 too. Only well I didn’t actually have the baby.