Showering with your pump connected

I keep reading comments from people who use Animas pumps that they love the pump because they don't disconnect while showering. My question: Where do you put the pump while showering? Do you let it just hang down, or put it on a shelf or attach it to your body somehow? I have an Animas 2020 & I'd love to shower without disconnecting, I just can't figure out where to put the pump. I usually wear a waist-it or Spibelt, but either of those would get soaking wet in the shower.

So, anyone with a tubed pump who doesn't disconnect to take a shower, where do you put your pump?

I can't imagine showing with my pump, and I've always used waterproof pumps (Cozmo then Animas). I'd be worried about forgetting it's connected and knocking it against he tub or something. For me the waterproofness is useful for swimming, where I'd need to somehow cover the basal for an hour or two if I disconnect (and from past experience, that tends to go wrong).

I tried this a few times and I found it silly to even try. You wont have any trouble being disconnected for a 15 min or so. I found it weirdly cumbersome to have it in the shower.

The one thing that happens to me now is that I sometimes forget to re connect. A few times I have run out of the house and my pump is there by the sink.

I never shower or bathe with my tubed Paradigm 522... I just disconnect for about 15-20 minutes.Will correct a high prior to disconnecting, though.The Apidra I use will not kick in for about 25-35 minutes, and I will have finished my shower by then.

God bless,

I've showered w/ my MM a couple of times, when I had a new sensor that I didn't want to "lose signal" or whatever the annoying error message was. I clip it to the chain on my medic alert bracelet and am careful with it. I haven't done that for a while though as I'm more comfortable with the calibration/ sensor process these days. I also agree it's really uncomfortable. My pump nurse recommended just bolusing a small amount, like .3U, (/.8U/ hour...) to cover the time.

when I first started pumping, they didn't have infusion sets that disconnected. I had a "shower bag", which was a clear plastic bag with a looped string attached, you hung the bag from the shower head and put the pump in there. it was high enough not to get wet. you could probably make one yourself. but as soon as the quick release sets came on the market, I switched over.

Yep remember those Marie. Funny how advanced thing have gotten huh?? And to the OP I use a MM 722 (or 723 BADDDD with numbers there) and no I don't take it in the shower with me. I usually start the shower water then disconect. Just a habit now

Actually there is a cool skin that is made for Ipods that will fit your pump. It will allow you to stick your pump almost anywhere like a tile wall or flat surface. It is sort of magical. I have it on my ipod and I stick it all sorts of places while I work out. I bet it would work in the shower if you really want to do that.

I leave my pump by the sink and I don't lose my cgm signal usually.

Just like Marie, I used a silly little plastic bag with a string when I first started pumping, even though the pump was waterproof.

Now I just shower with my clothes on and save a lot on laundry costs :D

Seriously though, I do what AR does and give a little bolus for what I missed while in the shower. For example, if my basal rate is 0.7U/hr, that is 0.07U every 6 minutes (10% of an hour). For 20 minutes of showering/drying then, I've have missed just over 0.2 units, so I will pump that in AFTER I reconnect.