Sick for months...ugh

I am so completely worn out. I’ve been ill for months now and cannot seem to figure what is wrong. I’ve been to several doctors and have had no luck and seem to be getting worse. I feel like I can hardly do my job. All I want to do is sleep…

I’ve been feeling this way too for about 2 months–going to work, coming home and sleeping by 7. Have you had your thyroid checked? My doctors think I may have an overactive thyroid, and the symptoms match up. I just had the blood work done today, actually. I hope you feel better soon though!

Thanks. I hope you figure it out too. Last time I checked my thyroid was normal. Past two days I’ve had a low grade fever. This has been happening every few weeks. I just want to be able to get on with “normal” daily life ya know?

I completely understand, it gets so tiring and frustrating, wondering what else could possibly be wrong (isn’t diabetes enough?). I guess you just have to take every day as it comes as a new day, and hope for the best (easier said than done). At least there’s tudiabetes!

Have you considered that it might be chronic fatigue syndrome? My brother is a Physician’s Assistant, very in touch with the medical world, and he had a devil-of-a-time getting a diagnosis for similar sounding symptoms (say that three times). Then he went to a doctor who specializes in CFS and fibromyalgia. It does cycle in and out for him. I hope you get some answers!

Yes, I’m reading several of your “sick” posts. Have you looked into lyme’s Disease? My brother lives near Boulder & he was diagnosed w/lymes about 5 years ago.