Worst breakup yet

So yes I know this site is more for diabetes related issues but at the minute I just need to let this off my chest. I’m having a hard breakup from the boy I’ve been seeing for 5 months because he was the first person that accepted me for who I am. All the other boys said that with my diabetes everything would be complicated but I don’t see how! But this boy was different he simply didn’t care that I was diabetic! But I recently had to break-up with him because he lives 45 minutes away and neither of us can drive so I never get to see him and it was so hard to leave him but I felt it was for the best but now I wonder if my decision was right… I hate how I over think everything. In my favourite song it says “I won’t let you close enough to hurt me…” But its because its so far away that it hurts…:frowning:

Big hugs to you, this can really get us down no matter who it is. At times like this I didn't take good care of my bloods. It's really annoying that other stupid boys said that there may be complications because of your diabetes. Yeah they sound so mature and informed. Is there any way you can stay in touch with your boyfriend, even if you don't see him as often ? I have a terrible habit of over thinking everything as well, trying not to let things get to me as much. Just go easy on yourself and take things one day at a time.

All she said above. I overthink things too PLEASE STAY STRONG WE LOVE U!!

Sara, I feel for you. I was lucky, my diabetes didin't show up until later in life. I cannot imagine how hard it is to find a young man who is understanding at all much less about diabetes. Just continue to post on here if it helps we all will listen and be here to support you. Just remember that you can do it. You can overcome. But for now allow yourself to grive a little. You need it.

Thanks guys! Don’t need him love you all more :slight_smile:

With 40 years of Type 1 under my belt, I can say that acceptance is a big deal, especially in the USA where diversity is supposed to be good. It's not. I've had problems in school, work and other places. Some people just don't want to accept others as they are. I learned early to laugh most of them off as ignorance. I've never had that issue in my relationships though, I guess it's different as a guy. Women do tend to be more accepting of others in general.

Stay strong and keep looking. There are lots of great guys out there, but they do seem to hide sometimes as I've been told. Don't be afriad to take a chance at something different either. 45 minutes now could turn into something better later, I've seen multi-continent relationships work after a few years of waiting. Or maybe there's a guy down the street that has a heart of gold just waiting to be found.

I've always been open to folks around me about my diabetes. Never negative, but positive and bright about my control and health. Controlling diabetes is a great accomplishment. Good luck in your future relationships.