Have you ever had your pump lying next to you and grabbed it thinking it was the TV remote or visa verse??

I have grabbed it thinking it was my cell phone before. Kind of hard to talk to something that has a tubing coming out of it and you can’t figure out why it won’t come up to your ear.

…dangiiiitttt why won’t the garage door oooppeenn…


Have you ever been in a restaurant, and their cash register keeps making a “chime” that sounds exactly like your pump, and every time it happens, you jump and reach for your pump to see what’s wrong?

Sometimes in some stores too, there is a similar sound to my pumps “beep”!
I wear an Omni Pod so it is a 2 piece check each time! LOL

Twice in college I was in a Hooters and the cash register had the exact same beep as my Minimed! It got me every time. Thankfully, it’s not a place I find myself frequently. :slight_smile: