Site Rotation Question

Hello, all. Been using the oPod with very good results since January, but I have noticed some absorption patterns with certain sites. Long story short, I seem to get excellent results when the pod is on my abdomen and would like to use that area more often than some others. Does anyone have any advice about how often a particular area can be used? Obviously I wouldn’t be placing the pod in the exact location as the previous one, but how much time should I let go by before using the same general area again? I would think this would be a pretty fundamental question, but no one at Insulet has been willing/able to answer it. Thanks!

In theory as long as you use an insertion point at least 1 inch away from your previous one you can keep using the same area almost indefinitely, just creeping over a bit each time. In reality every body deals with insulin pockets differently and heals differently so the more you use an area the more your body will build up scar tissue. I know for me I would only feel comfortable using the same side of my abdomen for many 3 or 4 pods in a row and then I’d want to give it a week or two off before using it again. Using this rotation I could probably use just my abdomen for quite a while, especially if I alternated sides of the abdomen with every pod. Again, the more you rotate the healthier it should be for your body but if your abdomen is what works best and you’re careful with it you can probably get away with keeping the vast majority of your pods there. only been pumping since October. maybe a podder who used another pump previously will answer

Hi, Tony…I also have been using the oPod since the end of January. After using it almost exclusively on my abdomen…mostly because I felt more confident in the beginning when I could constantly see it, I’ve found that my very favorite spots are on my back. I love it there!!! I switch from side to side… point it one way… then another…from very near my side across my back (keeping away from my spine and ribs) in an area about as wide as my hand. I’ve been doing this since the end of February…constant results.

I rotate the sites for my son. We currently use top of butt and the triceps and sometimes the front of the thigh. I would think that the best thing to do if you like your tummy area is to rotate from one side to the other - that way, you rest for 3 days in between. If you have any redness due to the adhesive, use a little neosporine after you take off the pod. We do this every pod change and it really helps keep the skin healthy. My son is 3.5 and has been on the pump since he was 2!! We’ve never had any trouble with sites. Also, his tricep seems to absorb faster/better/more?? than other places.

Good luck!