Site rotation

Entering my 6th month of 'pod-ing and I’m still adjusting my site rotation. I’m curious what kind of rotation other OmniPod users follow?
I have been rotating between upper-inner thigh, abdomen, and upper arm (near triceps), alternating left and right sides. This gives me 6 different general sites, and of course I never place the pod in exactly the same position within one of those areas. I feel like 6 different sites is a good enough rotation to avoid any issues with scar tissue buildup or reduced absorption. However, I don’t really like the abdomen sites very much because it is uncomfortable for sleeping, so I’ve started to skip my abdomen in the rotation sometimes. Of course that increases the frequency of use for the thigh and arm sites.
So two questions:
What site rotation do you use?
Any thoughts on how much site variation is best to avoid potential problems?

I’ll be anxious to hear what others say. I rotate between left and right abdomen and left and right upper thigh. I also reverse the position of the pod so that I have even further variation.

Jim, do you use the outer or inner thigh?


I use my stomach and back. I was thinking about using my thigh but I haven’t done it yet…:slight_smile:

Inner. I started using it when I got a pod knocked off playing basketball. It works well, although I have had a couple of failures there from static electricity that is probably caused by the lining of my dress trousers. No problem getting those replaced.