Skin-Tac neutralizer

I use Skin-Tac to help my Dexcom CGM stick to me for at least 14 days. It’s a good sticky adhesive that I paint over the Dex bandage fabric.

Sometimes I get some on my fingers and soap and water doesn’t work to clean it off. Recently when I traveled, I was lucky enough to pack my Skin-Tac bottle in a zip-lock bag. I say lucky because the bottle leaked and spilled inside the bag, but the bag saved my clothes from a mess!

I still wanted to make use of the Skin-Tac remaining in the bottle so I had to handle it to clean it off. As a result, my fingers got very sticky. I heard somewhere that butter could neutralize adhesives, so I tried butter on my fingers. Sure enough, the butter immediately neutralized the Skin-Tac stickiness.

Not an earth-shattering discovery, but helpful nonetheless.

Haven’t used it with Skin-Tac, but there’s a product called ‘Uni-Solve’ that my CDE gave me to help remove adhesives. Works well.

Thanks for the comment. I’ll store your Uni-Solve idea away for later reference.

What I like about butter is that I don’t have to order it from Amazon, I always have it on hand, and it doesn’t have an ingredient list of unpronounceable chemicals. And then there’s shelf life to contend with.

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Thanks for letting us know about the butter trick. We have these little packaged squares of Unisolve. This stuff does the trick, but it leaves a very stubborn greasy residue. We’re talking “does not respond to undiluted Dawn” which in my experience degreases everything. I sometimes wonder what’s worse, the stickiness from the Skin-Tac or the oily Unisolve residue… I’m grabbing the butter after the next pump change.

Weird - I don’t seem to see or sense that residue, though, to be honest, half the time, I don’t even bother to attack the leftover adhesive and sorta leave it to showers and nature to remove.