Sleep to dream to live forever illness free

You wake up some mornings well I forgetting you have a few medical problems here is a question I cannot ever remember in any dream good or nightmarish me being diabetic or having heart or prostrate problems so is the answer to sleep forever for as soon as my faculties kick in and my brain shrugs of the cobwebs of sleep my body soon lets me know I am sick, I might wake up in the night well no might about it having to go to the loo 4 or 5 times a night is not joke but back to my dream state i run jump and hope I do not offend anyone have relationships with the opposite sex and life is wonderful.

Some nights I might be being chased by something horrible probably my past but usually wake up before I am gobbled up,a real James Bond capable of doing anything flying skiing swimming with sharks even mountain climbing,most of my dreams are probably induced by all the drugs I take besides insulin and Victoza bless it, so is the answer to have large hospitals where folks/people can sleep for ever in a happy dream like state or one day science find a cure for all out ills and free us from pain and worry,breather........................what makes us dream what is it's function why do some mornings I wake up and cannot remember a thing does some superpower take over you when you sleep and use your dreams to live out it's fantasies or is it your brain getting rid of all the frustrations of the day cleansing your mind for the next busy day of uselessness. note sorry about the large letters lappy having a minor breakdown, stroke it gently and tell it so hibernate like I would like to do.

Wife has gone shopping with our eldest daughter me and smudge are in the back room come cinema by the way she is stretched out on the radiator cover top sleeping away probably dreaming of being able to leap on birds and outrun mice's or here is a thought is she dreaming of being human next time around i sure would like to be a pampered cat.

Have to curtail it here tummy rumbling and eyes wavering toast time and a warm cuppa tea,yorkshire tea today quite looking forward to that, so for now meowww from smudge and tatty bye from me.


Beat wishe to the Royal to be couple

How can I understand you waking up frequently during the night to go to the loo.
Wish I could sleep on whole night through.
Yes you made me think. I never dream about diabetes or at least I do not remember.
Dreams sometimes have message that however I haven’t learnt to decipher yet.
Can you send me a virtual cup of yorkshire tea, please?