I just don’t get it. When I go low I get extremely tired… Makes it hard for me to fully concentrate on how to fix the situation… Like now. BG is 31 and I feel like I haven’t slept in days. I get the most tired when I need to be fully aware.

yeah, its one of he main symptoms of a low (although for me its a different kind of sleepy)

It makes sense, Your body needs glucose for energy. If you don't have the glucose in your blood, you you won't have any energy.

I think that "sleepy" is when it gets dicey and I look at that as a warning sign to maybe eat first and test later sort of deal?

Once when I was in high school (c. 1984?) in that sort of situation, maybe one of the first times I had a "real" low, I decided ice cream would be the ticket, it was too hard, I couldn't remember if the microwave cooked outside in or inside out so I figured I'd just stick it under the broiler for a sec. The phone rang and I blathered and lit the ice cream carton on fire. And had to eat something else.

You're at 31 and still typing coherently?! Wow. Good job!

Ha! Lucky you! Glad you're back in range. At 31 the center of my vision is gone, outside of it flickering, my mouth, make that mind, is numb, - I just wave at husband or whomever, from floor or couch, point down, wait for glucose to kick in.