Smart Plate

My pump records all the insulin I take. My Dexcom records my blood sugar (and also carbs I eat for treating lows, as I enter them). My fitbit records all my exercise and sleep. The only data I still have to manually enter (and I often don’t…) is what I eat throughout the day. This product seems like it would do that and automatically count the carbs for you!

Looks almost too good to be true, which is why I haven’t clicked “pre-order” yet. :​)

Now to find a way to combine data from all these four devices to look at on an overlaid graph and detect patterns…now that would be truly amazing. But this is a product I would seriously buy if it works in the way it’s advertising.

Jen - This looks like an idea that can work. Getting rid of the manual entry component of tracking food consumption is a big hurdle to accomplish. I will definitely be on the lookout for this product’s future deployment. One thing I’m curious about is the embedded programming that will make judgements about food macronutrient proportions. The last thing I want is an electronic scold about eating too much fat!

I’m so tempted to pre-order one and see if it works. But I’ve never been an early adopter of anything, and am scared it would be a waste of money. But so curious. If you click on “pre-order” the cost is in the same range as fitness trackers.

I think the video showed people wearing fitbits—so if the company follows fitbit’s philosophy, they’re more about motivation/encouragement than pointing out the negative. And fitbit has the option of turning all those types of messages off, so I’m guessing these would be options within the app, too. In fact, I wish my fitbit had a feature where it would send me a prompt to get up and do some walking if detected that I’d been sitting for too long (a time period I would pick), that would be a very nice optional feature!

It even says it integrates with fitbit. Temptation just went up a notch. :​)

The Apple Activity Monitor app sends out reminders and encouragement throughout the day. The most common one for me is the Reminder to stand more. This monitor is native to the iPhone, maybe it also works on an android. It also integrates with my Apple Watch and its subtle and effective wrist tapping reminder.

I just ordered one. I want to encourage this type of business development!

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@kimK please report back on what you think of it, I’m curious too.

I have an iPhone (but no Apple Watch)… Is this an app in the app store, or is it within the Reminders app?

@KimK, please keep us posted when you do receive it (though it says it doesn’t ship until Summer 2016). I’m in money-saving mode right now, otherwise I’m sure I’d have purchased it already.

Looking into this, I’m thinking the Apple Activity and Workout app is limited to the Apple Watch and the iPhone it talks to. Since the Apple Watch needs an iPhone to make it work, I have an Activity and Workout app icon on my iPhone as well. Sorry that I misled you.

My comment above should not have capitalized the “R” in reminder to make it look like a proper noun. There is no “Reminder” app that I’m aware of.

@MarieB got me into this thread, as i get to test an app called goCARB ( ) beginning this october in a trial. the plate looks awesome, however a bit bulky to take to the restaurant, etc.
but promising for many, not just diabetics but general people who struggle with food.

I will let you all know how the plate works out for me when I get it next year.

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